Windows and Doors


The ability to buy online has been around for a long while now, but there remains a large contingent of the population who prefers brick and mortar to digital shopping. That contingent shrunk over the last year and a half as online shopping became the only way for shoppers to get their hands on many items over the course of the pandemic. The reliance on e-commerce meant a doubling of e-commerce sales, year-over-year, with a 110.8% increase compared with May 2019. JELD-WEN Canada customers can use e-commerce to buy windows and doors, but unlike other, more traditional e-commerce platforms, our customers cannot buy directly from us. That means the ways in which we bring e-commerce to our customers is by working closely with our retailers to provide access to all the information they need to make an informed choice before they click ‘buy.’ While demand for e-commerce has grown in…