1. Turn it down Reducing your thermostat by a degree or two (C°) is an easy way to lower your energy bill. You can also turn the temperature down more significantly while at work, or out for the evening. Be sure to stock up on slippers, blankets and comfy sweatshirts, so you can stay warm while enjoying your energy savings. 2. Unplug it Laptops, phone chargers, Bluetooth speakers – today’s modern home is full of devices that are more often than not, left plugged in. Doing a quick scan of your house for unnecessary energy-suckers before work or bed can help reduce your electricity use. 3. Keep it in Air conditioning is designed to keep your house cool, not the entire neighbourhood. If you’re running the AC with windows or doors open, you might as well be throwing money out the window. Keep your precious cool-air in. 4. Fix that…