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Have you ever admired the large windows of other houses while walking or driving by? There are many ways to increase the amount of windows in your home. Large window treatments include picture windows, mulled windows (two or more windows attached together), window walls and architectural geometric (or specialty) windows. More than just inviting more natural light into your home and the people who live there, large windows offer many benefits. Installing or retrofitting your home with large, energy-efficient windows can elevate your interior design, regulate household temperature, improve your mood, create a climate for health-giving plants and improve your home’s resale value. You can harness all of these benefits with some thoughtful window planning. Let’s take a closer look at each benefit. 1. Elevate Your Interior Design This benefit is purely aesthetic. And yet, beauty is its own reward—for those living in your house as well as for visitors and houseguests. 2. Regulate Your Household…