Getting new windows is a long-term investment. Luckily, if you have older, single-pane units, upgrading to newer, energy-efficient windows can actually save you money on your heating and cooling bill while boosting the value of your home. Did you know that by installing Energy Star® certified windows you can save anywhere from $250-500 a year, per window, in utility costs? Those are significant savings, and though they won’t cover the entire cost of the upgrade, they are an appealing compensating factor. Dualpane or tripane windows with argon gas help insulate your home and cut down on air leaks. This means you don’t have to run your AC or furnace at full-tilt to keep your living space at a comfortable, year-round temperature. Comfort engineering options, such as installing the correct Low-E glazing option for each window with consideration to the direction they are facing, can help further reduce your energy bill. For…