Choosing the Right Exterior Doors  In part 1 of our buying guide to the most energy-efficient windows and doors, we looked at how to choose the right windows for your home.   Much like windows, exterior doors must meet specific energy efficiency requirements certified by an accredited agency. Following the criteria established by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), hinged steel and fiberglass doors can only receive ENERGY STAR Certified status and are eligible for a Greener Homes rebate of up to $125 per door. However, some sliding glass patio doors can also qualify for ENERGY STAR’s “Most Efficient” status, making them eligible for a higher rebate of up to $250 per door under the Greener Homes program.”   As a homeowner, it’s important to choose the right door for your home for its aesthetic appeal and impact on your monthly energy costs. Doors protect your home’s energy from escaping and keep the outside…