A fresh new year offers plenty of possibilities.

Naturally, we start thinking about how we can improve our lives. In the past few years, more than ever, it has meant taking a new look at our homes. We spend lots of our time in our homes and we want them to be bright, clean, and cozy spaces that inspire creativity and well-being, while also being practical and flexible.   

For many people, working from home has also caused them to look around and see what’s working and what isn’t. It is the perfect time to take advantage of home decor trends. You might think it best to avoid trends when it comes to products that stick around long term, like windows and doors. Fortunately, some things will always be trendy (energy efficiency is one!) and trends that call for easy updates (like a new paint colour).  

We’re sharing some of our favourite 2023 decor trends and how they impact your windows and doors.   

Eco-conscious homes  

JELD-WEN’s French Patio doors

Consumers continue to seek out greener options for their home renovations and decor items. This could mean selecting materials and products from more sustainable sources, using low or zero VOC paints, incorporating recycled materials and choosing high performance, energy-efficient windows, and doors.   

ENERGY STAR® certified windows and doors are tested and certified to meet strict specifications for energy performance. For maximum energy performance, consider triple-paned windows, which outperform conventional dual-paned windows. Advanced Low-E coatings and Argon gas fill balance heat retention and UV protection. Invest in JELD-WEN’s Northern Tri-Pane Collection™ and enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient home all year long while cutting down on energy costs.

Energy efficiency is one trend that’s sure to last, especially here in Canada. We need all the help we can get to protect our homes from the elements!  

Nature-inspired colours and a hint (or more) of pink  

pop of a color
JELD-WEN’s Birckdale Smooth Interior door

An eco-friendly approach pairs nicely with the continued trend toward biophilic design or increasing our home’s connectedness with nature. For 2023, this trend is mirrored in the use of warm, nature-inspired colours. These bolder colours can be used to enhance dated window trim and doors or add a unique personal touch to new windows and doors.  


Terra Rosa

Paint brand Dunn-Edwards chose Terra Rosa for its 2023 colour of the year. As the name hints, it’s an earthy hue with rosy pink tones and a touch of terra-cotta. The brand says the colour is meant to create a sense of coziness, comfort, and warmth, just what we are looking for in our homes this year. Terra Rosa has something in common with Benjamin Moore’s 2023 colour of the year–a hint of pink.


raspberry blush
Raspberry Blush

Raspberry Blush is a bold red-orange that says 2023 is a year to get more adventurous with our home decor.  


Redend Point
Redend Point

The Sherwin-Williams 2023 colour of the year is both nature-inspired and pink. Redend Point is a “soulful blush-beige” that is one shade in the company’s TERRA collection. The brand says the shade is rooted in the earth and ideal for a sanctuary space like a bedroom or reading nook.   


Vinning Ivy
Vining Ivy

Greens will continue to be popular, butaccording to Houzzlast year’s organic greens will transition to deeper, darker blue-greens. Case in point is paint brand Glidden’s colour of the year, Vining Ivy, an aqua-emerald. If pink isn’t your thing, and you’re tired of green, deep reds and browns are on-trend for 2023 too.  

Take advantage of the trend towards high-impact, saturated and nature-inspired shades by updating interior or exterior doors and trim. JELD-WEN’s steel and fiberglass doors offer strong durability and protection against Canadian weather, and they are paintable, just like wood.   

Once you’ve invested in a high-quality door, a quick paint refresh now and then will help you keep up with any colour trends you enjoy and bring new energy to your house.   

Trendy Trim

Designed by Ali Velji, JELD-WEN’s DF® collection, Photo credit – Joel Klassen

If you choose to dip into one of the colour trends for your front door in 2023, consider matching up the trim around the door with the same bold colour for even greater impact. An exterior door in Raspberry Blush or Terra Rosa would make a strong yet pretty statement with great curb appeal.  

If these bolder 2023 hues aren’t for you, black doors and windows continue to be popular. Black window frames add a stylish contrast next to brick or vinyl siding.  Although black has a bold impact, these days it’s considered a neutral in-home design. It’s versatile and transcends different styles.    

Black can also be painted on trim indoors, either to match up with a black door or wall, or to provide bold contrast to a lighter or white wall.   

Natural light 

JELD-WEN’s Willmar® Window collection

Natural light is another trend that will go the distance. It can help you make the most of an expansive lake view, capture soft light for your photos or simply bring more visual warmth to your house. Carefully considered window and door options can help you achieve your goals.    

As work-from-home became popular for some office-based employees, many people invested in or moved to rural or lake homes. These locales tend to boast more openness and increased access to natural light. You can harness the light with expansive windows or window walls and glass door inserts.  

Even a cramped entryway or front hall can get new life with a front exterior door that provides access to natural light via sidelights, transoms and/or glass inserts (glazing).  

Arched doorways  

Designed by Ali Velji, JELD-WEN’s DF® collection, Photo credit – Joel Klassen

Imagine a child’s drawing of a house. Do you see a big, rectangular front door with an oversize doorknob? It makes sense, because most of us are used to windows and doors with straight lines. But arched doorways are an increasingly popular choice that can set your house apart.     

For example, set a beautiful arch (or radius) window above a Versa (United) fiberglass exterior door (which has the appearance of genuine wood with increased durability) for a unique entryway that’s sure to draw compliments from neighbours. You’ll also bring in more of that desirable natural light! This trend is in keeping with overall decor trends, with more curves in furnishings, accessories, and hardware.   

Trendy window and door styles in 2023  

Kitchen with black windows
JELD-WEN’s Willmar® Collection windows

Besides arched windows and doors, trends for 2023 include window walls–entire walls made up of glass panels that operate independently for greater customization opportunities. The window wall is ideal for bringing in natural light and offering an expansive view, whether of your backyard pool, a deck or a distant mountain or lake.  

Double-hung (or double-sash) windows are another continuing trend that will keep up with the times. These versatile windows have two operating sashes that move up and down, for ventilation on top or bottom.   

Casement windows are also a popular choice. They are attached to their frames by one or more hinges, so they swing open like a door. They offer good insulation and are easy to clean on both sides.   

Glass Panel Doors

Exterior front doors have a big visual impact. For 2023, you can transform your house’s curb appeal with an on-trend door that will serve you well into the future. Glass panel doors continue to be popular and take advantage of the trend to welcome natural light. They are available to suit any style, from traditional to farmhouse to modern.   

Fiberglass Doors

For a rustic touch with contemporary curb appeal, take a look at fiberglass doors, which mimic the visual interest of woodgrain, but with a long lasting, weather-resistant body. Offering style and function together, JELD-WEN has fiberglass door models, colours and finishes to suit any home style. 

Folding and French Patio Doors

Let nature and light in with patio doors. Classic French doors offer a traditional and beautiful touch and continue to be a popular choice with consumers. Folding patio doors are also a hot trend. With JELD-WEN’s F-2500 primed fiberglass patio door kits, you can take away the barrier between outdoors and in. Warm weather entertaining has never been better!     

Holistic design  

holistic design
JELD-WEN’s Fixed windows

The new year is all about bringing efficiency into our homes, but with lots of the cozy comfort we all crave and deserve. In 2023, a holistic approach is on target, paying tribute to nature and natural light while benefiting inhabitants’ minds, spirits, and bodies. These 2023 trends will infuse some freshness into your home in a considered way that may help to bring you increased productivity, wellbeing, and happiness.   

Check out some of JELD-WEN’s window and door offerings to see what appeals to you.

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