The Best Windows and Doors for your Cottage

Many people have been waiting for summer to return for their chance to get back to their home away from home. If you are building a new cottage or working on a renovation, now is the perfect time to install or upgrade your windows and doors so that they meet the unique needs of Canadian cottage life. Modern energy-efficient windows and doors need to keep you cool in the summer and repel the cold in the winter (and the bugs!), while still matching the style of your cottage, leaving a lasting impression on your family and visitors.

Considerations for Choosing New Cottage Windows


With so many options, there are multiple factors to consider when shopping for replacement windows. Each cottage may need a different window style that brings different pros and cons including:

  • Ease of cleaning
  • The amount of natural light you want to bring into your cottage
  • Maximizing gorgeous outdoor views
  • Exterior style: will there be a window box or patio furniture in front of your window?
  • Weather
 Window Into Nature


With longer days, warmer weather and sunsets over the lake, while you’re inside the cottage, there is no better way to enjoy a gorgeous view into nature than with large windows. Whether you are focused on energy efficiency, stunning views or bold styles that demand attention, we have the windows for you. Let’s walk through the process of picking the perfect window.

Determine your window needs

Cottage country has unique demands but whether your place is a brand-new build or if you are renovating an older summer home, selecting the right windows is important. Newer cottages are typically more energy-efficient not only in their structure but also in the décor and functionality. As a Canadian back-to-back ENERGY STAR® Manufacturer of the year award winner, we know a thing or two about energy-efficient windows.

Our True Tri-Pane Technology™ is available in a wide variety of windows. They offer superior efficiency, enhanced cottage comfort, exterior noise reduction and is designed with more robust frames for increased durability. Tri-Pane allows you to increase natural light while maintaining climate control in your cottage in the summer and eliminates cold dry air in the winter.

Working in the cottage office

Let’s be honest, more than just a few people are headed out of town this summer and plan on staying for weeks or the entire summer to work remotely. If you do find yourself spending most of your weekdays in a cottage office, it’s a perfect opportunity to install a new, larger window that can give you a fresh perspective on your summer surroundings. Large windows let in natural light that helps keep your workspace bright and welcoming. Natural sunlight also reduces stress and eye strain, improves mood and increases energy.

No rectangles? No worries.

We’re often asked if we have windows that fit the varied styles of cottage architecture and design – for example, if you have an A-frame cottage – we have triangle shaped windows. Oval or circular windows? We have those too. Don’t be intimidated by unique shapes – we have custom window shapes, texture, glass, materials, grille designs and colours for any cottage.

Open the Door to Summer, Close the Door on Winter


Cottage doors should not be an afterthought. Not only will a great looking door improve the summer vibe of your cottage, but it can also increase the value of your property if you focus on the exterior door that are ENERGY STAR certified.

Cottage doors doing double duty

In cottage country there are two seasons; Summer and the rest of the year, that time when punishing cold weather and snow can put any door through its paces. Our beautifully designed doors can provide that elegant entryway to your summer home but also provide superior protection in those cold, stormy months, keeping everything safe when you aren’t there.

Let the sunshine in

Doors with glass inserts are the perfect opportunity to let the summer weather inside, in an energy-efficient way, while maintaining the aesthetics of your home. Not only are there multiple options to add textured or patterned glass to allow for privacy but these doors will also make a space look modern, while still matching your cottage design and the natural environment around you.

Sliding doors

For some cottagers, the patio door is the gateway to their favourite spot, a patio or deck where a smoky BBQ brings everyone together for a meal or you can relax and put up your feet. We offer a variety of ENERGY STAR Certified Siteline®, DF® Vinyl, Willmar® Vinyl, Versa® (United) Vinyl sliding patio doors.

Just how custom can you make your sliding door? Glad you asked. We have 21 clad exterior colors, 7 anodized clad exterior colors and 10 wood interior finishes. That’s just getting started with options.

Built-in rustic feel

Fiberglass entry doors give the look of natural wood without the challenges of real wood. Custom moulded interior doors can add a natural, rustic modern touch to your cottage. The doors deliver everything you love about wood – the character, the warmth and the beauty – all with minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy more of your time at the cottage relaxing. These doors are available in mahogany and oak woodgrains for a low-maintenance, energy-efficient, private and secure entry. They have a much longer lifespan than a traditional wood door.

Interior doors

Depending on the size and layout of your cottage, you may have a few or maybe a dozen interior doors but regardless of how many you need, every single door is important to maintain the style of your cottage.

The sound of peace and quiet

Cottages are often smaller than your home and minimizing sound can be important. JELD-WEN’s ProCore the Quiet Door® was developed after years of innovation in noise control and can reduce sound transmission by up to 50% while also resisting the dents and dings of cottage living. Available in multiple styles and materials they are also available with an up to 20-minute fire rating, providing an additional level of safety.

Hinged/pre-hung doors

Hinged doors swing in or out on a mounted frame. These pre-hung doors come attached to a frame which means all you need to do is to put them into place. These doors are a great option if you’re looking to create a separate space without putting up a wall, such as converting a small nook into your cottage office.

Truly customized cottage doors

Once you have considered the needs of the space, we can help you choose the perfect design to enhance your cottage. This includes material, texture, style, colour and much more.

Keeping it green

To help save the planet, mindful consumption should be at the top of your mind. There are many ways to make greener choices such as choosing a supplier that uses recycled materials. Not only are our windows and doors energy-efficient but sustainability is built into everything we do. 40 years ago, we began recycling wood waste to help reduce our impact on environmental resources, while maximizing our efficient use of materials. Today we are a leader in environmental sustainability.

Summer is the perfect time of the year to trust JELD-WEN windows and doors to improve the style and energy efficiency of your cottage, making it both welcoming and functional. Ready to install new windows and doors in your cottage? Travel no further than JELD-WEN this season.

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