Your weathered windows and dated doors could be costing you money

Replacing windows and doors may seem like a costly endeavour, but not replacing them may actually prove to be more costly in the long run. On average, windows and doors should be replaced every 15 to 20 years; however, age is not the only indicator that it’s time to upgrade. Our Canadian elements, combined with wear and tear, can shorten that lifespan.

Understanding when to upgrade


Late spring, summer and early fall are ideal times to upgrade your windows and doors. This will help avoid the winter weather taking its toll on your windows and your energy bills. Not sure if it’s time? Start by assessing the look and feel of your windows and doors, their functionality and if they are meeting your home’s needs.

A simple visual inspection of your windows and doors can spot damage, including cracks and gaps, signs of condensation and moisture, rust or warped panes and casings. General signs of wear or outdated styles may also help you decide when it’s time for an upgrade.

A quick physical inspection will help you discover a faulty mechanism, such as inoperable

handles and latches or you may have trouble opening and closing your windows and doors. You will also be able to feel for drafts and air leaks around the seams, frames and panes. This inefficiency puts additional strain on your HVAC system —which increases your energy bills.

If your style has changed over the years, or you want to revitalize your home, upgrading your windows and doors will have the aesthetic impact of a home renovation, without the time and costs associated with major renovations. Ask any realtor – curb appeal increases the value of your home.

Energy efficiency pays off


Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for energy-efficient solutions that not only reduce their monthly energy bills but have the added benefit of fighting climate change. To take control of their home’s climate, homeowners seek simple ways to reduce waste and leakage, for optimal temperature regulation which ensures their systems are working at full efficiency. Irregular home temperatures and humidity cause your HVAC system to work overtime. ENERGY STAR® certified efficient and most efficient windows and doors will help regulate indoor temperatures and ensure comfort all year round by keeping the outside air out.

To help you do your part to save the planet and your pocketbook, JELD-WEN offers exclusive products, which are eligible for provincial and federal rebates, including the Canada Greener Homes Grant. These easy to access incentives will help make your upgrades more affordable, with rebates of up to $5,000 for eligible energy-efficient products.

When choosing from JELD-WEN’s a range of energy-efficient window products, the ENERGY STAR certified Northern Tri-Pane Collection™ is the gold-standard that will help offer long-term savings and comfort.

The additional exterior pane creates an extra airspace between panes which reduces radiant heat and condensation, thereby reducing home heating and cooling costs. Tri-Pane windows are also designed to reduce exterior noise, creating a quiet environment and helps your home become a sanctuary from outside noises.

JELD-WEN’s Northern Tri-Pane Collection™ is Canadian made for Canadian climates. Every Northern Tri-Pane window is specifically designed with a more robust frame and sash to accept a triple pane insulated glass unit which enhances performance and durability.

Simply put, Tri-Pane windows outperform the standard dual-pane, due to the extra layer of glass protection. This design feature equals greater thermal performance and offers superior UV resiliency.

Your windows and doors are an investment into your home, and if you’re looking to get more out of that investment, and take advantage of the government rebates. JELD-WEN can help you discover ways to reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills, using our energy-savings calculator.

Deciding on design and style

Design can also play a part in deciding when to update your old windows and doors. Upgrading your exterior and interior doors or windows will instantly modernize your home, give your house a fresh look, and help enhance efficiencies.

The type of window you choose can also impact your everyday use, with simple design and functionality features that ensure ease of opening, cleaning and maintenance. Casement windows check all of these boxes. Using a conveniently placed crank or handle, casement windows open outwards—to a full 90 degrees—rather than up and down, with the screen on the inside of the home. Casement windows prove to have lower air leakage rates than sliding (awning) windows because they close tightly to fit into the window frame, with a locking mechanism on the right or left side. Casement windows also come in a variety of sizes to fit your unique home.

Exterior steel and fiberglass doors are the ideal upgrade for your entrances, because they’re built to last and guarantee the best value. Your steel and fiberglass entry doors will withstand the unpredictability of the Canadian seasons, and resist warping, rusting, cracking and denting. Available in a variety of colour like steel doors, in addition, fibreglass can replicate texture and woodgrain, giving the look and feel of a wood door, but with more durability and less maintenance. Fiberglass doors are lightweight, while insulating your home, and offer safety and peace of mind.

Often overlooked, you may also consider upgrading your interior doors to help reduce noise and increase privacy, with our ProCore® the Quiet Door line of products. In a busy house that now often acts as an office, school and home, moulded wood composite interior doors offer functionality and a range of styles. New interior doors will also help enhance the interior design of your home and match your décor. Moulded doors are available textured or smooth, bi-fold or panel – depending on design – and are ready for painting. If there is no visible damage, a fresh coat of paint and new door handles on your existing interior doors can also work wonders to update your space.

Whether you are replacing all your windows or starting with your front entry door, you can reduce your impact on the planet while making your home more comfortable and stylish. Make the most of your window and door upgrade to enhance your home.

With trusted products from coast-to-coast, investing in JELD-WEN’s reliable and energy-efficient windows and doors will help increase the value of your home, while offering comfort, safety and style.

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