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One of the best parts of being a homeowner is being able to create a space that reflects your personal style. The last couple of years have made us all more intricately aware of the things we love and the things we don’t love about the function of our homes.

If multiple lockdowns haven’t made us get to know our homes enough, the shift to remote work (and sometimes school) has meant our spaces have had to evolve. Most of us didn’t buy houses thinking ‘this will be a great place to home school!’ We’ve all had to adjust and our homes have had to adjust with us.

What this has meant for Canadian homes is a renovation blitz, as consumers coast-to-coast look to invest in interior doors that better meet their needs. Whether it’s a shift in noise control or room allocation, or simply making your existing office look nicer, switching out an interior door is a small and inexpensive renovation that can have a huge impact.

We’d love to help guide you towards making sure you pick the perfect interior door for your home.

Decide what you’re trying to achieve

MLD Madison fog Hallway

Newer homes and renovations reflect the modern lifestyle of wanting open-concept spaces. However, the resurgence in the desire for closed, defined spaces has meant doors are being increasingly used to fill the gaps.

Consider the space

Do you have children at home in online school? Do you and/or someone in your home need a space for quiet work? Are you going to have to repurpose an existing space, like your bedroom living room or even your closet, to do double duty? Your answer to these questions will help determine the kind of door you should select.

Consider the needs of that space

Once you have a solid idea of the required function of each room, consider the unique needs of those spaces. Let’s say your living room now has to double as an office, and maybe also a schoolroom – how wide an opening do you need to fill to install a door? Is it a high-traffic area? If the only room you have in your home to put an office is your closet, how will you ever make that work? Consider if the space has access to natural light. If it doesn’t, you may want a door that can allow you to bring light in.

Double-duty doors

Let’s face it, our home spaces have never been so challenged when it comes to noise, traffic (and sanity!) control as they have been the last two years. Don’t underestimate the power of a door to solve all those problems. Our ProCore the Quiet Door® comes from years of innovation and a deep understanding of how important noise control is. ProCore doors reduce sound transmission by up to 50% while also resisting the dents and dings everyday living can cause. They come in a variety of materials to suit your preferences and are available with an up to 20-minute fire rating, which will add safety where it’s needed.

Decide your style

Knotty Alder Granite Seedy Baroque Cellar

There are so many different styles of doors it can be overwhelming to choose which one will look best in your space. The good thing is, once you’ve considered the location and needs of that location, you’ve already helped inform this next important step.

Hinged/pre-hung doors

Hinged doors are mounted to a frame and swing in or out. Pre-hung doors already come attached to a frame and you just have to put them into place. If you’re looking to make a small nook into an office, you’ll want to make sure you don’t lose a lot of space on either side of the door, no matter which way it swings, so a hinged door is what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for doors that allow maximum access so that you’re creating a large, useable space, there are other options.

Barn doors

While they aren’t as trendy as they once were, barn doors are still seen and installed in homes across Canada for their visual beauty, style enhancement, and space efficiency – as they do not swing in and out. That being said, they are not great for noise control.

Pocket doors

We love pocket doors because they hide away in the wall and take up no additional space. This is a great option for a small opening to a small space. They do require a bit more work to install but the extra effort will go a long way to enhance and maximize the space in the room.

Bifold doors

Bifold doors are a great solution for your ‘cloffice’ (AKA an office in your closet). They fold back compactly like an accordion, giving a full wall feel when they’re closed, limiting nearby distractions while being innocuous design-wise.

French doors

French doors are hinged doors that open out and meet in the middle. They offer a grand feeling and are a great choice to enhance the feel of a room and make it feel larger. French doors can make a statement, like a picture frame that can grab attention and draw the eye. They help manage an open concept area that requires alteration for daytime and nighttime use. French doors are a great way to increase the flow of light through the home.

Let there be light!

Whatever room you’re looking to enhance with a new door, the addition of glass inserts can provide a lot of benefits beyond aesthetics. The addition of light that glass provides can reduce energy consumption by providing natural instead of electric lighting. Natural light also reduces stress and eye strain, improves mood, and increases energy. Adding some textured glass to allow for privacy will also make a space look chic, with a timeless pattern that is traditional and modern in design.

Pick your material

MLD Craftsman-III ESP

Once you’ve picked the location and the unique needs that location demands, you’ll have a better idea of the type of door you should consider.

Solid or hollow

Solid doors offer the benefit of having superior noise control and a feeling of weight and luxury. That said, if you’re looking to minimize cost or don’t need to consider noise control, hollow doors are more affordable and come in a multitude of beautiful styles that will suit your space.


For your interior space, wood, fiberglass, MDF, and glass can all look beautiful and enhance any space in your home. The needs you have identified will help inform which material makes the most sense for your space, as well as for your budget.

Pick your design

MLD Birkdale Ash Partial IB

Now on to the fun part! You’ve considered your needs, the needs of the space, the door style, and the material. Time for the nitty gritty of picking the perfect design to complete your vision. Doors can make a statement. They make or complement a pattern and reinforce your design aesthetic.

One out of every two interior doors sold in Canada is JELD-WEN. That has given us a solid handle on the pulse of design preferences from around the country.

Modern design

In 2020, consumers who chose Modern design style doors comprised almost 55% of all of the doors we sold. It’s where demand is growing, and we are creating even more styles that suit a modern aesthetic. With modern design, form meets function. This design style is characterized by clean, straight lines, in any direction, that are used to create dimension and draw your eye to establish a mood. If you prefer curved lines, you can find that in modern design as well, but with far less detail to ensure a clean look.

Our Modern moulded interior door selection suits any Minimalist, Scandinavian or Japandi design preference. Choose from Flush, Madison, Monroe, Birkdale, or Conmore doors to suit your modern aesthetic.

Transitional design

Transitional design – a contemporary style that mixes modern and traditional styles – has been decreasing in popularity in tandem with the growth of modern design. Transitional design accounts for about 18% of our door sales, with Rustic, Luxe, Modern Farmhouse, and Cottagecore style doors remaining a popular choice in Canada. If you are looking to complement a transitional style, our Rockport, Carrara, and Cambridge doors are a perfect choice.

Traditional design

Traditional design – which in inspired by 18th and 19th-century design styles – remained a steady 22% of the doors we sold in 2020 – equally split between our Colonist or Camden interior doors. Traditional door sales haven’t changed much over the last few years, whereas transitional continues to lose ground as more people gravitate to modern design choices. It will be interesting to see in the coming years if the decline in transitional design continues as traditional holds its ground.

Pick your colour

MLD Madison Green Foyer OBHW-IB

Finally, you get to pick your colour! Colour has a big impact on how your door relates to your space and your décor style. We still see a preference towards white interior doors and an increased preference for black. As Modern Design gains in popularity, more Canadians are choosing bolder colour choices to add personality – especially greys, blues, greens, and natural wood tones.

You can trust that JELD-WEN doors will help make your house both beautiful and functional. We will have the perfect door to complete your vision once you have decided on your needs, style, material and design.


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