With the rise in popularity of bringing back traditional interior design styles into the modern day with a twist, it is no surprise that people are loving modern farmhouse and rustic luxe design.

These two design styles might share the love for rustic and all natural elements but they are easy to differentiate with their overall aesthetic. Do you purely have a love for the outdoors or do you have an inner admiration for fancy pieces? Find out which style speaks to you more below.

Modern Farmhouse

This once traditional design got a makeover into the 21st century by adding a chic touch to the rustic charm of farmhouse design. Modern farmhouse design brings a warm and inviting feel with a twist of personality.

Modern Farmhouse is very personal and unique to every individual. What will make your home stand out is by putting a fresh and modern spin on rustic elements. It is all about combining the perfect amount of old and new to create a welcoming atmosphere. Pair heirlooms or thrift store finds with sleek modern furniture. While nature is at the core of this design, it is not necessary to have unfinished pieces. You will want some hints of natural wood but most items will be painted over to add a modern elegance.

Product Recommendations

Nothing screams farmhouse more than a classic barn door. JELD-WEN offers a variety of styles to give your home a modern twist. We suggest adding a splash of paint to bring your door to the next level!

Nothing screams modern more than black windows. These windows will bring any room to the next level with their sleek frames. Try JELD-WEN’s DF® Hybrid Interior FiniShield casement windows, they will be sure to be the perfect statement piece.

Rustic Luxe

They say opposites attract and that is apparent within Rustic Luxury. Think of it as Paul Bunyan meets Hilary Banks. It’s the perfect compromise for anyone who appreciates the outdoors but also loves luxurious materials. This design style brings in the rustic aspects you love from farmhouse design and adds a touch of glam.

Rustic luxe is best achieved by incorporating a variety of natural materials such as exposed wooden beams or a stone fireplace with luxury pieces such as metal or crystal. The key to the look is to either make the “rustic” or luxe” elements dominant rather than splitting it 50/50. Perfection is not imperative as letting the ruggedness and natural beauty shine is a top priority. As for the colour palette it includes inspiration from both nature and wealth such as brown, taupe, white, gold, and silver.

Product Recommendations

It’s a good rule of thumb to leave the luxe aspect to the décor and have structure of your home bring in the rustic. JELD-WEN’s Custom Wood windows are built from AuraLast® pine so you will be able to enjoy the beauty of natural wood without having to worry about rot, water damage or termites.

Now with interior doors you can go either way depending on your personal taste. JELD-WEN has a variety of modern moulded interior doors such as Birkdale™ Smooth that looks absolutely luxurious. Or if you’re feeling like there isn’t enough of an outdoorsy feel you can go with the Custom Wood interior door. Either way you choose you will be on track for the perfect aesthetic.


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