While Scandi and Japandi interior design styles have been loved for ages they have gained a recent surge in popularity over the past year. With people being at home the need for spaces that focus on comfort and simplicity have become essential.

Although both styles follow the same principles around comfort, simplicity, and nature, the contrast colours used in the design are what set them apart. Do you resonate more with a soft and bright aesthetic or bold and daring? Find out which style best suits your personality below.

What is Scandi Design?


Scandi design comes from the Scandinavian counties of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway but is loved by many around the world. The style started as a way to bring some brightness into a home as these countries experience a majority of months in darkness. If you have a small home that needs to be as functional as possible, this design style is for you.

Scandi spaces focus heavily on hygge, a Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. Incorporating this philosophy in as many aspects of your décor is key. Another important element is letting in as much natural light in as possible and mimicking the effect when natural light is sparse.

The overall look centers around a white dominant theme with high contrasting colours such as black. Aspects of nature are also used to add pops of colour and texture. Think clean lines, modern multifunctional furniture, light-coloured natural woods, wool blankets, greenery, and decluttered rooms.

Product recommendations


With natural light being a huge factor to Scandi design large windows are a must. We recommend incorporating a window wall within your home. Whether that being by choosing a custom sized window that fills your wall or stacking a bunch of windows together to create a unique design. Try JELD-WEN’s white Casement Windows to achieve the look.


Oversized JELD-WEN patio doors will not only increase the amount of natural light in your home but they will also add to the nature element. No painting or photograph can capture the beauty of nature more than the great outdoors itself. Large patio doors give the illusion of the indoors and outdoors being one. Try JELD-WEN’s Swinging Patio Doors.

What is Japandi Design?


Japandi is a hybrid style that combines the best parts of both Scandinavian and Japanese design. It blends the bright Scandi style with the rustic elegant Japanese aesthetic to create a feeling of art, nature, comfort, and simplicity.

Contrary to the traditional Scandi style, Japandi has a darker and more dramatic vibe. While the light colour scheme is still utilized as a base, you will want to add contrast with darker earth tones such as brown, terracotta, green, and charcoal to get the Japanese flair.

Nature and sustainability is loved by both styles so it is imperative to not only add live plants but include elements such as wood into the furnishing. Focus on quality craftsmanship when searching for pieces as opposed to cheap structures. Bold simplicity is key to attaining the look as Japandi prefers quality over quantity.

Product Recommendations


Japandi style is all about adding a bold contrast wherever possible and JELD-WEN’s DF® Hybrid Windows with black interior FiniShield technology will help you achieve just that. Not only will you bring the importance of natural light but the black windows will add the perfect touch to any room.


Want the dark natural wood look without the price tag that comes along with it? Try JELD-WEN’s Craftsmen Architectural Fiberglass Glass Panel Exterior Door. This door brings the quality, beauty, and warmth that Japandi strives for without the cost or maintenance.

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