How JELD-WEN Windows and Doors can Help you Achieve your Interior Design Goals

With the world staying in their homes for the majority of the past year, cottagecore design has gained immense popularity. It is all about embracing comfort and creating a welcoming space within your home. If you are a nostalgic soul who yearns to live in a 1700s rustic village comprised of meadows, streams, farms, orchards, and more, this style is for you.

While cottage is a part of the name, this design style is not limited to such buildings. Whether you are in the suburbs or living in a high rise in the middle of a busy city, cottagecore design is attainable.

Cottagecore evolved from modern farmhouse design but instead went back in time and is centered around western agriculture life. To put it simple, think of this style like how you would imagine your grandmother’s house to look like. A space filled with lots of vintage antiques, florals, natural wood, is very colourful, is romantic in nature, and radiates comfort.

How to achieve the Cottagecore Look at Home

Cottagecore_NatureThe feeling of a return to nature is at the forefront of cottagecore design. Bringing any aspect of nature inside is key. You’ll want to incorporate a variety of house plants, fresh cut flowers, décor made out of things you have gathered from a walk in the forest, and natural wood being the main material for furniture.


Sustainability and eco living is a big factor when it comes to cottagecore design. Whether that be by up cycling, repurposing old items, or thrifting vintage antiques. With helping the environment being the main goal, modern pieces simply will not allow you to achieve the desired look.


Most design styles want you to choose patterns that are simple and complement each other but cottagecore design has quite the opposite approach. The more patterns the better, if you think they would clash you are probably on the right track. Try to find pieces with floral, stripes or gingham prints.


Although this design style is very colourful, muted and pale colours that are inspired by nature is the way to go. You will generally see a lot of pale pinks, baby blues, muted greens, and pastel yellows. These colours can be incorporated into every aspect of this design style from the wall paper to the interior doors.

Product recommendations

The perfect way to incorporate lots of natural light and a multipurpose area within your home that aligns with cottagecore design is by installing bay or bow windows. The curve of these windows allows you to be able to transform this little nook into a cozy reading area or a stylish plant station. Adding a traditional grid pattern is the cherry on top. A bonus when choosing JELD-WEN windows is that we use recycled materials within our manufacturing practices so you will also be making a sustainable choice!

Interior doors are one of the easiest ways to incorporate natural wood within your home. JELD-WEN’s Custom Wood All Panel interior doors are available in a variety of designs and finish options that make these doors uniquely yours. Choose from Alder, Cherry, Juniper, Mahogany, Oak, Walnut or multi-wood options to match your aesthetic.

Take your home’s exterior a step further by installing an entry door with woodgrain texture. Try JELD-WEN’s Fiberglass entry door for a more traditional look. Our woodgrain texture is indistinguishable from real wood and handcrafted for exceptional beauty. Take it a step further by adding some whimsical decorative glass sidelites such as our Topaz or Waterslide styles.

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