Being a homeowner in Canada is not always easy on your pockets but there are smart investments you can make that will benefit you in the long term. What may that be? Installing energy-efficient windows and doors that are ENERGY STAR® certified!

Any home, no matter when it was built can be energy efficient. Whether that be by renovating and upgrading old products or being diligent in choosing the right products while your home is being built.

Creating quality products that deliver energy efficiency for all Canadians is one of JELD-WEN®’s top priorities as a company and that is why we have been a proud ENERGY STAR® partner since 2003. We recently won ENERGY STAR® Canada’s 2021 Manufacturer of the Year Award in the category of Windows and Doors for the fifth time.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency in simple terms is the elimination of energy waste – using less energy to perform the same function. In return you will protect the environment by reducing pollution and lowering your energy bills significantly.

One way to make your home energy efficient is by making sure that your windows and exterior doors are well insulated and airtight. By doing so you will be able to decrease the amount of energy being used to maintain your comfort levels within your home.

What to look for in Energy Ratings for Windows and Entry Doors?

Low-E or low emissivity glass is a type of glass designed to reflect heat which is utilized in windows. What this does is basically in the summer months it will repel ultraviolet rays that cause heat but in the winter months it will absorb them to keep your house warm.

The solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) is a ratio that shows the amount of solar energy that can pass through the product. In a cooler climate, windows that have a high SHGC allow a greater amount of solar radiation to pass through which heats up the home.

The U-value measures the rate in which heat is transferred through glass. You want to look for a product with a low u-value to ensure the best energy efficiency. Look for a product with a U-value no higher than 1.6 for windows, and 1.8 for doors.

The R-value measures how well the product’s insulation can prevent the flow of heat into your home. You want to look for a higher rating here as that will guarantee better insulation performance. Keep in mind that the R-value best suited for your home is completely dependent on where you are located in Canada as it pertains to the climate. The colder your province is the higher R-value to look for.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes


Lower monthly hydro bill:
The biggest and most favored benefit by customers that will come from investing in energy efficient windows and doors is the cost savings. Although the upfront cost is more, ENERGY STAR certified windows are approximately 20% more efficient than the average window and ENERGY STAR certified doors are approximately 15% more efficient than the average door. In turn this will save Canadians a lot of money over the lifespan of the product.

You might be wondering how this is possible as windows and doors do not actually use energy. Well, these products can be a major source of heat loss which in turn will generally cause homeowners to use their furnace and air conditioners more frequently. When designed with quality in mind and ENERGY STAR® approved, the materials used will work together to keep your home’s relative humidity up for a warmer winter and allow less radiant heat in for a cooler summer. Therefore, with less hydro needed you will see a significant decrease in your energy bills every month.

Increase your home’s resale value:
This investment goes further than you may originally have thought. Besides saving money every month while you are living in your home, these products add incredible resale value that look great to buyers. You could end up getting back the extra money you spent for quality when incorporating it into your selling cost. Think of it as passing down the torch of limitless savings to the next lucky homeowner.

Improve your home’s comfort:
Due to energy-efficient products using high quality materials and added insulation you will experience significant exterior sound reduction and increased home comfort. Say goodbye to noisy early morning construction and the commotion of rush hour traffic.

Save the planet:
Not only do these products benefit consumers directly but you will also be a part of saving the planet by decreasing strain on the environment. Using less energy will shrink your carbon footprint and result in a decrease of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Product recommendations


The best way to improve energy efficiency within your home is by installing quality windows. Not only are our Northern Tri-Pane Collection windows ENERGY STAR® certified but they are also specifically designed to combat the harsh Canadian climate. Experience superior efficiency, enhanced home comfort, and strong exterior noise reduction.

Want to know how much you can save yearly by installing Northern Tri-Pane windows? Try out our simple energy savings calculator.

Sliding Patio Door


It is known that swinging doors are more efficient then sliding. What if we tell you that energy efficient sliding door are possible and recommended? Get the best for your design dreams! Not only will a patio door with True Tri-Pane Technology further improve your energy savings but you are also maximizing your home’s comfort. It takes a variety of ENERGY STAR® certified products to work together to obtain the most benefits.

Entry DoorsFiberglass_Entry_door

Structure and material of the exterior door affects the energy performance. Steel and fiberglass insulated doors are your best choice for energy efficiency. They guarantee the lowest R-Value and work perfectly for harsh Canadian climate.

Proper Installation can’t be ignored
Correct installation of your new windows, entry and patio doors is critical. We always recommend professional installation to ensure everything is secure, energy efficient, and beautiful.

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