How JELD-WEN Windows and Doors can Help you Achieve your Interior Design Goals

Modern and minimalism are two of the most popular interior design styles at the moment and for good reason! They are a great option for anyone looking to invest in decorating their home as these styles are virtually timeless and very cost efficient.

Chances are you have been using both modern and minimalist styles interchangeably without realizing the difference. While they both share many similarities such as clean straight lines, open spaces, and natural light, there are key elements that set them a part.

What is Modern Design?Modern_home

Modern design originated in the late 1940s early 1950s when there was a real shift from heavy ornamentation in design to more streamline simplistic design. This style is often thought of as a spectrum as it combines a variety of minimalist, abstract, geometric, bright, and bold elements.

It focuses on a more natural color palette with occasional pops of earth tone colors and includes industrial elements such as metal, concrete, and wood. Modernism is very intentional as it concentrates on the structure of the home and puts function over form. In layman’s terms, this means that if a piece of furniture or decorative item does not serve a practical purpose, it can be eliminated.

Product recommendations

Entry Doors


A great way to incorporate clean lines, metal, and wood elements is by trying out a JELD-WEN Woodgrain Fibreglass Door with metal inserts. We love the sleek and stylish vibe this door provides and by adding a single vertical sidelite you still get the benefit of natural sunlight.


Large windows are a must in modern design! Bring your space to the next level by incorporating a wall of JELD-WEN’s DF Hybrid Windows with black interior FiniShield™.

What is Minimalist Design?Minimalizm_is_newmodernMinimalism on the other hand originated from modern design but it focuses purely on bare essentials that enhance open spaces. Clutter simply does not exist, if an item does not serve a purpose or is excessive it will not be included in a room. Unlike modernism, minimalism puts form over function. While functional items are important, the “less is more” aesthetic is the number one priority.

Minimalist spaces include open concept rooms, lots of natural light, and simple functional furniture with a color palette that is neutral or monochromatic. While modern design brings life to a room with pops of color, minimalism tends to lean more towards a cold and uninviting tone. You will not find any patterns, knickknacks, or excessive ornamentation but instead items that highlight the simplicity of shape and form. This trend reduces elements to their simplest form in order to create stark, bright, and clean spaces that are visually calm in nature.

Product recommendations

Patio Doors


There is no better way to incorporate natural light and functionality than with JELD-WEN’s Siteline Folding Patio Door. Not only does it act like a large window that provides amazing views but it also doubles as an entryway between your home and backyard.

Interior Doors

Madison_smoothJELD-WEN Canada’s Madison Smooth Moulded All Panel Interior Doors combine simplicity and style making it the perfect door for minimalist design. Choose standard white or paint it a soft monochromatic color to compliment any room.

If you would like to purchase any of these items for you home visit our store locator to find the nearest JELD-WEN retailer.

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