Energy efficiency and traditional tastes with a twist are the brightest trends in the door and window industry heading into 2021.

With 2020 in the rear-view mirror, new and innovative trends have found their place in the window and door industry.

One of the positives homeowners can take away from the COVID-19 pandemic is the opportunity to explore the complete design of their homes. Between new technology and old styles with fresh twists, homeowners have a lot to look forward to when considering future home improvements.

Windows and doors can make or break home design with small and intricate details that affect the mood, look, and feel of each room. In 2021, JELD-WEN® is focusing on providing their customers with window and door options that satisfy the need for optimal natural light, classic designs with sleek finishes, and innovative and energy efficient composition.

1. Natural Light


Homeowners want the most out of their windows and doors, and natural light is the differentiating factor. While paint colour, furniture, and décor can increase the range of natural light in a space, homeowners should consider the power their windows and doors have to offer.

A new year brought a clear revelation for homeowners and industry experts—glass panel doors are the next best way to bring more natural light into a home. Whether it’s for the interior or exterior, JELD-WEN has a full line of glass panel doors that offer homeowners the opportunity to let more natural light shine into any room of their home

When it comes to windows, simple is supreme. The best way to illuminate a home with natural light is more glass and less obstructions. JELD-WEN can combine different large and small windows in different shapes to create original designs without cluttered inflections on the actual glass panes.

2. Product


When it comes to window product, most Canadians are still primarily purchasing and relying on vinyl. Representing over 80% of all residential windows sold in Canada, vinyl windows are an affordable and low-maintenance window option. Whether you’re building a new home or replacing the existing windows in the home, vinyl windows are built to resist the ever-changing Canadian climate. JELD-WEN is now proud to offer a wide range of standard and premium colour options on Willmar® Collection exterior vinyl windows and entry door systems to suit any style while guarding against erosion, cracking, aging, impact and even harsh cleaners.

Energy efficiency and traditional tastes with a twist are the brightest trends in the door and window industry heading into 2021.For doors, homeowners are focusing on replacing their interior doors. Now more than ever, Canadians are realizing that interior doors are a huge source of privacy, comfort, and sound reduction within their home. Moving into 2021, more homeowners are looking for interior doors with glass inserts as a way to increase the amount of natural light in any room.

For sound reduction and privacy, look no further than JELD-WEN moulded and flush interior doors with ProCore the Quiet Door® construction. This solid-core door offers superior sound reduction to help limit noise transfer in a home office, bedroom, or anywhere else peace and quiet is desired. Furthermore, this option also helps prevent the dents and dings of daily life and are available with 20-minute fire ratings.

Decorative door glass allows you to let in as much natural light as you desire without compromising privacy or security. JELD-WEN has a variety of exterior doors that meet the functional requirements of a home and still make a statement about an individual’s personality.

3. Tradition with a Twist


Energy efficiency and traditional tastes with a twist are the brightest trends in the door and window industry heading into 2021.Window and door design really comes down to personal preference, but we’ve noticed that many homeowners are transforming their homes with simple twists on traditional designs.

Sleek and simple are two words that describe the future of window and door design. Homeowners should look into the benefits of vinyl windows that have a variety of different finishes for a cost-efficient and effective way to switch up the feel of their home. JELD-WEN’s DF™ Hybrid windows are equipped with an extruded aluminum exterior that gives windows a crisp finish and increased style and strength. Available with FiniShield™ interior technology in black, this finish option will add style and personality to any home. This finish is an alternative to paint that resists scratches and protects the vinyl beneath from damaging UV rays. FiniShield™ delivers a beautiful consistency by reducing color variation across multiple window units. Simple changes to timeless looks are the future of the windows and doors industry.

Doors are trending in the same simple direction. While glass windows are trending up, so are detailed fiberglass doors with a mixture of glass. JELD-WEN’s Willmar® Collection Fiberglass Exterior Doors can be customized to each client’s preference. With tons of models, colors, and finishes to choose from, homeowners can put their own twist on a classic door that will transform their home.

4. Energy Efficiency


Homeowners should see a few trends carry though from the past year, and energy efficient windows and doors are on the list.

Generating more natural sunlight not only saves money but also the environment. Contractors and homeowners are more aware and concerned about their carbon footprint than ever, and they want to ensure that their homes are as efficient as possible. The JELD-WEN Northern Tri-Pane Collection™, featuring True Tri-Pane Technology™, is designed for superior efficiency, enhanced home comfort, and reduced exterior noise. The Northern Tri-Pane Collection™ is available on all DF®, Willmar and Versa (United®) Tri-Pane products and is the perfect choice for our unique Canadian climate.

To find how much money you could save with JELD-WEN’s Northern Tri-Pane Collection™ windows, simply use our handy energy savings calculator here.

5. Structure


Homeowners are looking for distinctly subtle but sophisticated statement windows. They want a product that is refreshingly modern yet still adds a minimal element of intrigue to any space. For example, even if it’s a modern farmhouse trend with a Scandinavian aesthetic, most homeowners will still want to purchase windows with clean lines and a contemporary finish. 2021 is seeing more reclaimed finishes, matte black hardware, and large clear window panels to bring a pop of natural light in a room.

The new year has arrived, and it has never been easier to keep windows and doors up to date with the latest trends. 2021 is focused on energy efficiency, simple style, capitalizing on natural light, and personal customization in the home. JELD-WEN Windows and Doors offers expert insights and great deals on the newest styles and technology.

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