The Most Magical Ways to Safely Decorate Your Windows & Doors

Even though Christmas might look a little different this year, the magic of the holiday season is all around us, so shouldn’t it be all around your home? From the movies on television to the carols we hear as we pass cautiously through the grocery store for the necessities, the spirit of the holidays can be extended into your own home with a few of these enchanting ideas. Take a look at a few of our favourite tips and tricks for creating the perfect holiday atmosphere this year.

Decorating Your Windows
While most homeowners tend to focus their decoration efforts on the outside of the home or the Christmas tree, window decorations tend to be overlooked. With that being said, window décor can add that extra touch of magic to your home’s atmosphere. Here are a few ways you can dress up your JELD-WEN windows this holiday season.

  • Windows Lights
    An incredibly eye catching decoration to put in your windows is twinkly lights and lanterns. Let the holiday cheer illuminate your home through the dark and chilly nights with these incredibly beautiful star-shaped lanterns. While they can be used anywhere throughout your home, hang lights like these from the interior frame with a heat resistant adhesive and let their brilliance glow.Source:
  • Window Paint
    If you have an artist’s hand, window painting might be the perfect holiday touch to your home. Use a washable watercolour paint such as acrylic or tempera and apply it to the inside of the window glass. Be sure to properly clean the glass prior to applying the design, and remove it within a resonable timeframe. Whether you paint snowflakes, presents or a winter landscape, this décor is sure to add cheer to your home.
  • Ribbon Hung Wreaths
    A classic wreath truly never goes out of style. This ribbon hung style of wreath is the perfect way to add decoration to your windows without causing any damage to the interior frame or glass. With the help of a local florist or greenhouse, select a luscious wreath of greenery, source a holiday inspired ribbon, and simply hang in front of desired windows with paint safe adhesive.Source

Decorating Your Doors
Once the windows are taken care of, one spot that can also add to the holiday spirit, is by decorating your front door. Whether it’s a wreath, decorative floral arrangement, or customize touch, here are a couple of ideas that will make the exterior of your house the talk of the town.

  • Paint
    Holiday décor doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple but more permanent statement would be to select a JELD- WEN entry door that reflects a holiday colour. Choose a hue such as cranberry red or evergreen that will complement the outside of your home, and still look impeccable any time of year. Easily dressed up with a festive wreath or greenery, a holiday themed front door is sure to make the exterior of your home merry and bright.
  • Wreaths
    When it comes to the holidays, the décor you hang up outside should be just as important as the decorations you hang on the tree. Whether you purchase a wreath from your local florist or greenhouse, or you do a little DIY, a holiday wreath is a safe and cost-effective way to jazz up your exterior entrance or front porch.Source 
  • Outdoor Floral Arrangements
    Another idea for exterior decoration is to fill your front entrance with holiday inspired floral arrangements. While you can easily pick up planters like these at any big box store, supporting your local florist is a great idea if you up for the challenge to do it yourself. Ask them for fresh cut pine or any other cuts that can withstand the chilly Canadian weather. Add items such as decorative pine cones and twinkling lights. You can even add other holiday inspired elements such as lanterns and candles. Be sure to keep a close eye on lit flames.Source

Decorating Your Home
While we may be a bit bias on how to best decorate your windows and doors, here are a few other ways to add a festive touch around your home.

  • Unique Trees
    When it comes to holiday décor, the Christmas tree is usually the star of the show. It’s typically adorned and dressed with the same ornaments year after year, but with so much extra time on our hands this year because of COVID, why not switch things up and decorate your tree a little bit more uniquely. Whether it’s differently coloured ornaments or a atypically shaped tree, try something that’s out of the ordinary.
  • Dried Fruit Garland
    A fairly easy, but simply divine decoration to use around your home is a DIY garland. Use a variety of sliced and dried fruit such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes and even apples. String the dried fruit together alongside some cinnamon sticks with nylon thread or baker’s twine, and find a place within your home to hang. Not only will it look beautiful, but it will also leave your home smelling splendid.Source
  • Greenery
    Whether it’s on top of the mantel, hung from a window or wrapped around railings, greenery is an iconic and simple decoration for the holiday season. Something as simple as a fir or fresh pine and cedar garland is all you need for that extra festive touch.Source 

When it comes to decorating, these are just a few of the most creative ideas we’ve seen, but there’s plenty more opportunity to dress your home up with Christmas spirit. To learn more about how JELD-WEN windows , interior and exterior doors that can keep you cozy all year round—yes, including the holiday season—while also keeping your home efficient, please browse the JELD-WEN Canada collections.

We wish you and yours the happiest of holidays!

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