Accomplish your renovation goals efficiently and safely this year

Renovation season is in full swing, but this year’s season definitely looks different than previous years. Major changes to how we are able interact and work with each other have led to changes in how we interact with businesses, service providers, dealers, and contractors, which means that completing your big renovation or home upgrade is going to be a bit trickier this year. Luckily, online ordering and remote service capabilities are in place to ensure your home gets all the TLC it needs. Here are a few tips for navigating this new world.

  • Prepare and Research
    Doing a little legwork can go a long way. Use any spare time you find yourself having to really prepare for your renovation or project. Find inspiration in pictures, designs, or resources that speak to your vision for your home, research different products that you might like to use, map out your plan step by step, and even start taking measurements or making plans. It’ll help speed up the whole process!
  • The Wellness Factor
    With more time being spent at home, it only makes sense that we want our homes to be comfortable, healthy, and filled with positive energy. Consider researching different wellness techniques, ideas, and designs that you could apply to your renovations. A healthy home is a happy home, after all.
  • Book a (Safe) Consultation
    Many contractors and dealers are offering you the ability to consult with their experiences without having to meet in person. Setting up an online, contact less, or virtual consultation is a great way to go in-depth and discuss what you want to accomplish. You can even take them on a virtual tour of your property to outline your plan, which can be especially effective when you have done lots of preparation and research.
  • Curbside Pickup or Delivery
    You can still get all of the materials you need for your home DIY or renovation projects. All you have to do is plan ahead and schedule a contact less delivery. Many retailers are able to offer delivery or curbside pickup, which allows you to get what you need without any risk or hassle.
  • Online Browsing
    Remember how you used to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon walking up and down the aisles of your local window or door store or design gallery? Well, keep that tradition alive through the power of the Internet. Most stores offer online shopping options or virtual consultations. Also, downloading apps or software that allow you to play around with different design ideas before committing can be both helpful and fun!

This renovation season may be different, but it can still be productive and fun! JELD-WEN is here to help you accomplish your goals during these unprecedented times with product support and information that will ensure your home is everything you want it to be.

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