2020 marked the start of a new decade, which means new and innovative trends are definitely on the horizon.

While some homeowners may have a clear idea of the style, product or materials they are looking for, others often look for inspiration from television shows, magazines, Instagram or friends and family, but there are a growing number of homeowners choosing to call on the services of a specialist. And this is why it’s important to educate both homeowners and dealers on what to expect in 2020.

Clean lines, simple structure, black finishes and energy efficiency seems to be at the top of every homeowner’s list this year, but we’ve taken a deeper dive by talking to a few of our JELD-WEN Windows & Doors experts to see what is highest in demand.

1. Structure

Homeowners are looking for distinctly subtle but sophisticated statement windows. They want a product that is refreshingly modern yet still adds a minimal element of intrigue to any space. Whether it’s a modern farmhouse trend or a Scandinavian aesthetic, most homeowners want to purchase windows with clean lines and a contemporary finish. 2020 is seeing more reclaimed finishes, matte black hardware and large clear window panels to boost a pop of natural light in a room.


2. Color 

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen carry over from 2019 into 2020 is black windows—representing approximately 60-70% of all JELD-WEN’s painted product offering. The simplicity of a black frame is refreshing, modern and appeals to those who are looking for the traditional farmhouse or Scandinavian feel—black window frames provide a great visual contrast.

This exciting trend is supported by JELD-WEN’s FiniShield™ technology. This revolutionary finish is superior to paint in that it doesn’t crack or peel—say goodbye to annoying maintenance or touchups. FiniShield™ also reflects the protect the finish and the vinyl underneath, increasing the lifespan of your window. All in all, it’s a tremendous option that delivers results other paints and finishes simply cannot match.

Homeowners aren’t stopping with their windows when it comes to color either. Bold colors in all shades are the new standard for entry doors when customers want to express their style and individuality. Lines are kept clean and contemporary, and glass inserts are mostly clear or subtly frosted to maintain privacy while still allowing for natural light to enter the home.


3. Product 

When it comes to product, most Canadians are still primarily purchasing and relying on vinyl. Representing over 80% of all residential windows sold in Canada, vinyl windows are an affordable and low-maintenance window option. Whether you are building a new home, or replacing the existing windows in your home, vinyl windows are built to resist the ever-changing Canadian climate.


4. Performance

Expectedly, energy efficiency continues to dominate the charts in 2020. Contractors and homeowners are more aware and concerned than ever about their carbon footprint and want to ensure that their homes are as efficient as possible. The new JELD-WEN Northern Tri-Pane Collection™,featuring True Tri-Pane Technology™, is designed for superior efficiency, enhanced home comfort and reduced exterior noise. To find how much money you could save with JELD-WEN’s Northern Tri-Pane Collection™ windows, calculate your savings with our energy calculator here: KeepOutsideOut.com.


With so many new looks and trends to follow, selecting new windows and doors can feel overwhelming, but remember to follow your instinct and choose products you know will withstand the test of time both visually and physically. For more inspiration on the latest trends in windows and doors, visit our Instagram account or our Pinterest channel.

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