In this Canadian climate, selecting the right windows for your home can be crucial – especially in provinces where the cold winters last just a bit longer.

While there isn’t one particular window style that is best for winter, it all comes down to the glass option you decide on as it can affect the comfort level of your home. Below are a few things to consider when you are replacing your home’s windows:

Low-E Glass 

One strategy for regulating the temperature of your home is to consider the direction your windows are facing with respect to each room. For example, if you have large, south-facing windows in your living room, they are likely responsible for a fair bit of heat gain. You may find that this gets quite warm, especially during peak afternoon hours. In the winter, you can take advantage of natural heat gain using Low-E Glass.

Dual-Pane or Tri-Pane Windows  

JELD-WEN windows are available in dual-pane and tri-pane with the option of Low-E glass. These windows have multiple panes of glass for maximum insulation. Dual-pane windows are ideal for temperate to mild climates, such as coastal or inland British Columbia. If you live on the prairies, and are dealing with extremely cold winters, tri-pane windows with Low-E glass are a must.

Energy Efficiency

Another factor to consider before selecting a brand or window type, is if it is recognized by ENERGY STAR CANADA®. The ENERGY STAR® symbol is the internationally recognized and trusted mark of high efficiency. The symbol means that a product, new home, building or industrial facility is certified as energy efficient. New energy-efficient windows or doors not only help keep your home cool in the summer, but they also help trap in warm air during the winter so you don’t have to run your furnace as high to stay comfortable.

If your windows are older or not functioning properly, and are only single pane, upgrading to dual or tri-pane windows will not only increase your home’s comfort, but can significantly reduce your heating bill during the winter. If you’re considering selling in the near future, new energy efficient windows can also increase the overall value of your home. Visit our website to learn more about our products and to locate a JELD-WEN dealer near you.


  1. Jacques Bruyere

    I’m in NW Calgary and I’d like to have a quote please on triple panes. I have 21 windows, which 2 are bays, 2 are frosted and 3 half moons.
    I have 1 quote already.

  2. JELD-WEN Canada

    Hi Ms. Bruyere, thank you for reaching out. We have forwarded your request to our sales team, they should be in contact with you shortly.

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