May 2019


Hung windows, a classic architectural window style, are a popular choice, and typically found in colonial houses, farmhouses, and other traditional-style homes. In recent years, this traditional window style has seen a surge in popularity as buyers are looking to remodel character homes. So, what exactly is the difference between Single-Hung and Double-Hung? Aesthetically, they are nearly identical, but there are some functional differences that you should note before purchasing. Single-Hung: Single-Hung windows have a movable bottom sash and are a popular choice suited for many home styles. They open by sliding the bottom sash up, which allows you to control the amount of incoming airflow. Double-Hung: Double-Hung windows have two vertically sliding sashes that tilt inwards for easy cleaning. These windows are well suited to traditional architectural styles. When it comes to cost, Single-Hung windows tend to be more budget-friendly, but Double-Hung come with additional features that you may…