We know. It’s the middle of winter, there’s snow all around you and it’s hard to imagine a world in which anything gets done without warming up the car. But fret not, we’re here to help. We’ve discussed plenty of reasons why it’s a good idea to get a jump on your summer renovation planning.

Setting goals to nail down your budget, having a plan for which rooms need focus, and beginning to look for choice items are great ideas to solidify before the busy season.

But what about the best part? What about figuring out which windows go where, what sort of grille style you’re leaning toward, or deciding if French doors are really right for you? The following are a few things to consider for your summer makeover.

High-efficiency products

 Windows and doors are what send you on your way every day and welcome you back home every night. They also hold in the temperature you do want and keep out the temperature you don’t. Make it easier on yourself, your heating bill and your environment with our selection of ENERGY STAR rated products.

Our sliding, folding, and swinging patio doors offer ENERGY STAR qualified options along with countless modern and stylish styles for your patio entrance.We recommend pairing a Cherry Woodgrain casing and moulding with a lighter shade of colour in its surrounding area. This should create a stand-out entrance that really pops.

Go Vinyl

Vinyl windows are a tough, weather-resistant, and low-maintenance option for your window redesign allowing you to simply install, sit back and relax. With endless design options, let your imagination run free to create a space perfectly suited to your style and needs.

A modern new entryway

Every one of JELD-WEN’s doors are backed by our commitment to quality, style and craftsmanship. But you get to decide whether you want your home to say cozy, regal or both.If you’re looking for a contemporary update, all it takes is a visit to our product page to see which style suits you best. After you’ve selected the style of entryway you like, you can choose from a myriad of options such as colour and panel type. We call a solid-faced door without any glass window an All Panel Exterior Door.

A popular modern look is the Centre View glass panelling, which leaves a tidy rectangle of glass on the middle column of your door design. Perfect for letting in a little ray of sunshine. Deciding on a door that offers either privacy or a view is all about personal preference. But, if you’re working with a builder or contractor, it’s always a good idea to ask what they’d do to really pull your home’s décor together.

Of course, the final decision is always in your hands.

Start your summer with the MyJW App

Our MyJW web app is a fun and effective resource to turn your abstract ideas and remodel wishes into reality. It starts with our Window Style quiz to help you discover which window type fits you best. It helps us get to know you a little better through a few simple personality and design questions.We also get a preliminary idea of your budget. That way, the price is always right.

After finding your style, we offer a selection curated for your palette in a convenient Window Gallery. There, you’ll find tons of options and features to pick through. Then we’ll take you right to our Find a Store page where you can find your nearest dealer. Voilà! Remember, if you have any questions at all, there’s always a JELD-WEN professional who’s just a phone call away. Happy planning!

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