Summer is just around the corner, and if you are anything like us, you’re already daydreaming about your vacation. Whether you are thinking about exploring the streets of Montreal, relaxing on beach front, or working on the plans for your own rental property, we’ve narrowed down the most inspiring views through Airbnb in Canada.


rumspringa Geoff And Kate via Airbnb

Made of reclaimed crosslam, glass and steel, the Rumspringa hangs weightlessly off the rammed earth wall and gives visitors incredible views of the Penticton valley. The owners wanted visitors to be able to take in the nature of the view with floor to ceiling windows, and we think they accomplished that. Find out how you can stay at this property, or get your own floor to ceiling view here.

Heron’s Perch

herons Catherine via Airbnb

Fall asleep to the sound of the ocean waves and wake up to a beachfront sunrise. Large wooden picture windows give visitors a massive dose of natural light, but with a beach like this, you know you’ll be spending most of your time outside. Book Heron’s Perch for your trip or enhance your own home’s view with wood windows from JELD-WEN’s Siteline™Collection.

The Alfie Cabin

alfie Gary and Jen via Airbnb,

From sun up to sundown, this quaint loft cabin has the most incredible views of the Sechelt Inlet. With little traffic, endless hiking and biking trails nearby and a quick walk to the beach, it’s no wonder the Alfie cabin is Airbnb’s fourth “Most-Wish-listed” property across Canada. With a swinging patio door and fixed windows, Mother Nature’s sunlight will wake you up every morning. Looking to incorporate more natural light into your master bedroom? Check out our exterior swinging doors here.

Little Deer Waterfront Cottage

littledeer Jac via Airbnb

Two hours north of Winnipeg, sits this peaceful, quiet and private waterfront cottage at Little Deer. From the limestone cliffs to the caves along the shoreline, there’s plenty to explore and discover at this contemporary property. Even though there is floor to ceiling windows on both sides of the cabin, this property is extremely private. Like the look of wood and aluminum together? Take a peek at our Siteline™ Aluminum clad wood windows.

The River Den

riverdenBonnie via Airbnb

This 4-season houseboat is every vacationer’s dream. Floating on the Gatineau River in Wakefield, QC, this tiny house is a nautical dream. The multiple sets of sliding patio doors not only enhance the view, but makes for a quick escape when you want to enjoy the outdoors. Take a look our JELD-WEN exterior sliding doors for your own patio.

Earth’s Piece of Paradise

earthspiece Laki via Airbnb

Designed by a family of architects, the panoramic view gives a touch of warmth in this incredibly contemporary property. All three floors of the home give visitors a spectacular view of the St. Lawrence. River regardless of what corner you find yourself in. Large windows aren’t just great for cabins – find out how you can benefit from installing large windows in your own home here.

The Woods & River Home

wood Hélène via Airbnb

This property is known for their picturesque wrap around windows and sunrises worth waking up for. If the view isn’t enough, book it solely to take in the sunset relaxing in the outdoor Jacuzzi. Looking for privacy, but love the idea of large windows and natural light? Check out our JELD-WEN privacy glass inserts here.

Chalet des Grandes Rivières

chaletdes Gaëlle via Airbnb

If you are looking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Chalet des Grandes Rivières is the place to book. Hang in a hammock, soak up the view through the massive front windows and listen to the faint sound of the roaring rapids. Inspired by this chalet’s life-size windows? Take a look at our line of folding patio doors that open up like an accordion, giving you an instant access to the outdoors.

Old Port Loft

oldportloft Francois via Airbnb

What’s better than 1,000 Square feet of character? How about 10ft high arched windows? This charming loft in the heart of Montreal is minutes away from the Notre Dame Basilica and a quick skip, hop and a jump to the metro station. Enhance your own home with arched windows and add a little extra character with Grilles. Consider whether to grille or not to grille here.

The Battery Loft
Emilie via Airbnb

Located in one of the most historic areas of St. John’s, Newfoundland, this Loft has an incredible view from every corner of the house. The natural light is magical and simply irresistible for those looking to stay in the heart of downtown. The crisp, clean view of the vinyl wall is breathtaking, easy to maintain and adds maximum ventilation. Need another reason to choose vinyl for your own home?

The Contemporary River View

contemriver Joel via Airbnb

If you are planning on spending time in Edmonton, bypass booking a hotel and snag a weekend at this five-star contemporary high-rise near the river valley. Take in the city’s stunning panoramic views from every room, or soak up the sunset on the balcony. Get your own contemporary look like this property with a wall or two of mulled-hybrid windows here.

The Off-the-Grid Birdhouse

offthegridHendrik via Airbnb

Tucked away in the woods near Marsh Lake, this off-the-grid cabin is idea for a quiet, little getaway in Whitehorse, YT. The Bird hole window and surrounding forest adds a touch of whimsical character no matter what season. You can add a whimsical touch to any home with our radius or geometric windows. What’s that? Take a look here.

 If these top 12 Airbnb properties have inspired you to get started on building your own getaway, visit and find out what JELD-WEN products will help get your vision started.

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