Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, having a presence on social media in today’s age is absolutely crucial for any business. It gives potential clients or customers a look into what services you provide, helps build your credibility and is an easy way to reach and engage with your target market before they even walk through the doors of your business.

In order to effectively use social media, it is important to have a clear understanding of what it really is and does. Social media is defined as a series of website and applications designed to allow people to share content quickly and efficiently, in real-time.

You might be saying to yourself, that’s great –but how can a small business owner like myself leverage social media? Here are a couple of different platforms you can use and what they can do for your business:


Everyone has heard of Facebook, but have you heard of Business Manager for Facebook? Whether it’s one page with access for multiple users or multiple pages for one user, Business Manager is an excellent way to manage your business account and build awareness all in one place – for free.

Utilizing Facebook’s business page lets you create a business profile instantly and starts reaching your clients and customers locally, provincially or even nationally. You can customize your page with a logo, your hours, services, and rates and provide real-time updates to potential clients. Get started on Business Manager here: https://business.facebook.com


impactbnd.com reveals that Twitter is great for branding and getting the word out about your business. You can send out quick updates called Tweets with links to interesting articles, or any other sort of updates you have.

Whether it’s a link to the latest blog post from your website or Tweeting out a finished project, Twitter is an incredible platform that can connect you to clients, customers and other members in your industry. One of the biggest trends on Twitter is to use and search under Hashtags or also known as #Hashtags. It’s an excellent way to reach people who are interested and following your business by following them directly through the Hashtag. Start Tweeting today, right here: https://twitter.com/JELDWENcanada


While Instagram tends to be made up of a younger audience, it is steadily becoming one of the most actively used applications by interior designers, contractors and home décor retailers. With the platform being primarily visual, it’s an excellent way to showcase and display your work, new products or ongoing projects or promotions.

You can easily create a custom business account, follow similar accounts, interact with other industry members and instantly follow your target audience. Instagram has the capacity to give your brand the exposure and the awareness it needs. It’s a place to be creative and post relevant content for your business.

It’s important to note that while it’s a great platform for promotion, Instagram users tend to drop off or unfollow if the content feels too much like a sales pitch. Keep your pictures or videos relevant, on trend and intriguing. Start your own Instagram account today: https://www.instagram.com/jeldwencanada/?hl=en

Promo like a Pro with Social Media

If you are looking to drive your next in-store sale or promotion, social media is the best way to reach your customers. Promoting your posts allows you to choose the exact audience you want your message to reach and ensures you get the most bang for your marketing buck. Here are a few things to remember when posting:

• Make sure your post is well-written and free of spelling or grammatical errors
• Ensure that the image you choose is of high-quality and proper sized for the platform you are using
• Know your audience and what platform you are more likely to reach them on.

Need help? Leverage the Power of the Partnership

We want to help you. We write social media samples for our partnered dealers to use when promoting JELD-WEN products. Ask your JELD-WEN territory sales manager how you can access our templates or get help with promoting your business via social media.

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