Tired of paying extra for winter? Follow these energy saving tips and watch your heating and energy costs drop.

Light it Right

Energy Star

Look for the ENERGY STAR® logo when purchasing lights for your home. These bulbs may cost a few extra bucks up front, but they’ll pay off in the long run. Installing dimming-style fixtures in your house is another way to preserve power. With dimmers, you can dial in the perfect ambiance while using less electricity.

Filter it

New premium furnace filter on black background.

In order to keep your furnace running at peak efficiency, furnace filters must be changed every few months. This can greatly influence your heating costs, especially during the colder winter months when you’re running your furnace constantly to keep the house warm and toasty.

Don’t Overcharge

Don't Overcharge

This one’s a no brainer. Today’s home is full of electric devices that are costly energy leeches. Phone chargers, laptop chargers, Bluetooth speakers, video game consoles, try to get in the habit of unplugging these devices when they are not needed, and watch the savings roll in.

Turn it Down 

Save Energy, Reducing Electricity Use

We get it, it’s cold out. But do you really need to have the thermostat set to

25 °C? Try setting your thermostat at about 19-21 °C for significant energy savings. Be sure to turn down your thermostat more significantly while at work, or out for the evening. The goal is to strike a balance between cost and home comfort.

Upgrade your Appliances

One of the fastest ways to increase your home’s value on the market is to upgrade your appliances. Look for the ENERGY STAR® logo on refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, furnaces and more, to ensure you are making an energy efficient upgrade. In addition to increasing your home’s value, these appliances will also increase the energy efficiency of your home, which can lead to reduced utility costs.

Go Window Shopping

Windows and doors are the number one place in the home where heated air can escape. If your windows are older and have trouble with drafts, it can be like throwing money out the window. Upgrading to tripane windows that are ENERGY STAR® certified can significantly reduce the cost of heating your home during the winter. Be sure to ask your window contractor about Low-E glass options.

Get Cozy, Naturally

Running the furnace isn’t the only way to counter the cold. Stock up on sweaters, scarves, slippers and blankets and get cozy the natural way. Ride an exercise bike, do some aerobics, or give the house a power clean. Make a hot stew or a chicken noodle soup. There are endless ways to keep warm during the winter that don’t require blasting the heat.

Doggo does a Reno

Installing a doggy door is an excellent way to avoid having to open and close the door every time your upper needs to go outside. However, sometimes doggy doors aren’t as airtight as they should be. If you’re building one, look for models of pet flaps that are designed to keep air in.

There you have it, 8 great tips to create energy savings around the home. Now that you’ve learned something new, we recommend you reward yourself with a comfy chair and a nice hot beverage. While you’re at it, feel free to visit www.jeld-wen.ca on your mobile device or tablet and start planning your next energy saving home upgrade. Stay warm!

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