With autumn just around the corner, many homeowners are beginning to plan for winter renovations. Interior doors are an excellent reno choice during the coldest season—for obvious reasons. So the question is, how does a homeowner stand to benefit from an interior door upgrade? Here are some of the key ways that new interior doors can add value.

Architectural Style

Interior doors come in a variety of shapes, styles, patterns and colour options. They are serious mood-setters and have the power to reinvent the architectural style of a room. Choose from styles like Avalon, Rockport or Monroe, plus many more. You can learn about the different moulded door styles available from JELD-WEN here.

A light blue interior door with five horizontal rectangles on it, in a bathroom

Match your Decor

Every home-reno pro has their favourite interior door style, but not every door style fits the existing décor within a home. Choosing interior doors is a chance to get creative and pick units that align with the colours, shapes and styles of each room. Is the home classic or contemporary? What are the dominant shapes and colours within the home? These are questions that must be asked when matching the décor with interior doors.

Green closed interior door in a bathroom with beige wallpaper


Households are full of noise. Between dogs barking, neighbours mowing and kids practicing their instruments, sometimes it can seem nearly impossible to get a little peace and quiet. Luckily, JELD-WEN moulded interior doors come with the option of ProCore® solid core sound reduction technology. Not only do ProCore doors reduce the noise in a home, they are also more durable and have higher fire safety ratings.


Increased Home Value

Renovations are a great way to boost quality of life and the value of a property. A relatively inexpensive upgrade, interior doors can have a huge impact on the décor of a home. This can greatly affect a home’s sell potential and forecasted value on the market.

Need more reasons? Head to www.jeld-wen.cand continue to explore our Interior door line-up.

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