Vinyl windows are an affordable, low-maintenance window upgrade option. Whether you are building a new home for a client, or replacing the existing windows on a residential or commercial building, vinyl windows are an excellent choice. Here are 8 reasons to choose Vinyl:

1. Low Maintenance

Vinyl windows don’t need to be painted, sanded or patched. In fact, most homeowners who invest in a vinyl window upgrade rarely have to think about them again—at least from a maintenance perspective.

2. Affordable

Replacing the windows in a home or building isn’t cheap, but vinyl windows are considered to be a more affordable option. Homeowners will also benefit from increased energy savings and a potential curb appeal boost.

3. Energy Efficient

Vinyl windows are excellent insulators. This means they are built to keep outside air out and inside air in. Homeowners who invest in a vinyl window upgrade will enjoy the energy savings from not having to run their furnace or AC as hard to keep their homes comfortable.

4. Contemporary Look

Vinyl windows have a clean, contemporary appearance that many homeowners associate with modernity. Replacing old windows with vinyl is a great way to give any home a facelift.

5. Custom Options

If your client has an unusual window opening, or a creative idea for a window shape, vinyl is the way to go. JELD-WEN vinyl windows can be customized to just about any size or shape imaginable.

6. Durability

Vinyl windows are built to resist the elements, providing top-notch resilience against scratching, scuffing or blemishes due to weather and wear. Choose vinyl for a tough, durable window.

7. Glass Options

Today’s windows come with a variety of glass options designed to increase energy efficiency and make homes and buildings more comfortable. Options like Low-E Glass and tripane are available with JELD-WEN vinyl windows.

8. Colour

Your customers may like the clean, white look of standard vinyl windows, but if they are looking for colour options to match their home’s façade, they will be in luck. JELD-WEN vinyl windows come with a variety of colour options, including coloured brickmould and grilles.

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