Replacing windows and doors are some of the most valuable upgrades you can make to a home, but here at JELD-WEN, we believe in recycling and reducing waste. So, you might ask, “what do I do with my old windows and doors once I replace them?”

Well, here are a few DIY crafts you and your family can do, to make your old windows and doors useful again!


Corner Shelf 

How to repurpose old windows and doors when you replace them:

The only extra material you’ll need for this craft is the rounded corner shelves, some screws and a power drill. If you want, you can also add a fancy handle and some paint to jazz it up. Voila, that old door you almost threw away is now one of your favorite furniture pieces!

Picture-esque Coat Hanger

Just pick your favorite pictures to put in the glass part of your old door and then add some knobs to the bottom, and a flat board to the top to make a shelf. Secure it to the wall and you’re done!

Sliding Door

This might take a trip to the hardware store to find the right track and sliders, but once it’s complete you’ll know the trip was worth it!

For DIY tricks on how to hang a sliding door, visit:

Hanging Outdoor Table

How to repurpose old windows and doors when you replace them:

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could get some thick rope, make four parallel holes and securely brace the old door to your porch ceiling to make a truly unique outdoor table for the family! Don’t forget to ask for help. This isn’t a one person job!


Picture Frame

Get a map or favorite picture that is relatively close in size to the old window you want to use. Cut off any edges that might not fit inside, secure it in your new frame using a staple gun and hang it up!

Room Separator

If you’ve completed a larger renovation and replaced multiple windows in your house, you might have nine or more piled up in the garage waiting to become your next wall!

Antique Table


Just add legs!

Optional: to have a completely flat surface you can get a piece of glass to fit the table top.

Hanging Planter

Securely brace your old window to the ceiling and add a planter with your favorite flowers to the bottom! Depending on the style of your window, you may have to match the cut of your planter to the window’s ridges.

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