Contractors all over the country are partnering with JELD-WEN to help homeowners find energy efficient solutions for their homes. Between their wide range of ENERGY STAR certified products, and their recent energy awards and initiatives, JELD-WEN has positioned itself as the forward-thinking window and door manufacturer that contractors love to work with.


ENERGY STAR is a volunteer program committed to helping people and businesses save money and protect the environment through energy efficiency. By setting the energy bar high for home appliances, windows and doors, and construction, they are helping to change the way we approach building, renovating and regulating our carbon footprint.

When contractors see ENERGY STAR on a window, door or appliance, they know they are building with a product that will provide homeowners with the benefits of an energy efficient home. JELD-WEN has long been a manufacturer of products that meet ENERGY STAR’s stringent requirements for energy efficiency. This year, JELD-WEN was even recognized as the ENERGY STAR Canada Window & Door Manufacturer of the Year, and are proud to offer builders and contractors this award-winning line of products.

Net-Zero Initiative

JELD-WEN was recently involved in National Resources Canada’s (NRC) Net-Zero housing initiative. This involved selecting five builders to each construct five Net-Zero homes across Canada. JELD-WEN products such as Tripane windows were widely used in the construction of these homes.

What is a Net-Zero Home?

Net-Zero homes are built using the latest energy efficient technology to ensure that the home only consumes as much energy as it produces. Too expensive to commercially produce at this point in time, it is predicted that by 2030 all new homes being build in Canada will be Net-Zero. JELD-WEN is proud to be a part of this important energy initiative.

Tripane Windows

JELD-WEN Tripane windows are one of JELD-WEN’s most energy efficient products to date. These windows feature three panes of glass, separated by argon gas, for a thick and durable energy efficient window unit. Tripane windows are highly recommended in extreme climates, and are frequently used in new building projects where energy efficiency is a high priority.

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