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JELD-WEN’s AuraLast wood is designed to resist wood rot.

Wood windows and doors have a timeless charm that many homeowners love. However, increasingly people are switching to vinyl because they are worried about wood rot.

What are the causes of wood rot?

Wood rot is caused by moisture, which builds up and becomes saturated around wooden areas of a home, such as windowsills, doors or any part of a home with wood. Prolonged contact between wood and water creates a fertile breeding ground for mould and fungus, which causes the wood to chip and splinter. Wood rot is particularly dangerous if left unchecked because it can spread and ruin the foundation of a home.

How to avoid wood rot.

Replacing old wooden windows and doors with new, vinyl, aluminum or steel products is one way to avoid wood rot. At JELD-WEN we understand that many homeowners enjoy the classic look of wooden window frames and doors. That is why we have created our own variety of wood called AuraLast®, wood specially pressure-treated so that it doesn’t rot.

If you are looking to replace older wood windows with new energy efficient vinyl windows or siteline AuraLast wood windows, guaranteed not to rot.

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