A woman sits beside a large casement window on a deep ledge, looking out the window.
Windows play a significant role in the comfort of our homes.

Windows allow natural light into the home while increasing its architectural appeal, but that isn’t all they do. The windows you choose will significantly affect the comfort level of your home. So, how do windows influence comfort?

When we think of home comfort, one of the main influencers that comes to mind is temperature. If your home is too hot, too cold, or has unpleasant drafts, it can significantly reduce your comfort level. Windows must be properly installed and in good working order to ensure air isn’t leaking out or getting in.

Another way that windows influence home comfort is through their ability to either block or let in UV rays. Today, windows are available with low-emissive coating (Low-E) which can be customized to either increase or decrease heat gain. Say, for example, you want to increase the warmth of your east-facing bedroom, you may choose a Low-E coating that increasing heat. However, if you want to reduce the warmth in your south-facing living room you may choose a Low-E coating that blocks heat gain. As always, with JELD-WEN the choice is yours.

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