One of the easiest ways to add instant curb appeal to a home is by painting the front door a fun and inviting colour. Here are some popular entry door colours to get the creative ball rolling.


Red is a bold, vibrant colour sure to catch the eye of those passing by. Like a spice, red works well in small doses, so you are going to want to avoid a red door on homes that already have a lot of bright colours. Match with whites, beiges and other soft, neutral colours for an entry door that pops.


Navy Blue is a classic door colour with huge curb appeal potential. A colour of peace, order and loyalty, Navy will darken in the shade and turn to a rich, deep blue in the sun. Match with brick or wood textures for a timeless look that is sure to enhance the profile of your home.


They call it mellow yellow…a naturally soothing, peaceful colour, yellow is a colour that really stands out on an entry door. Because it is so bright and vibrant, yellow works well on homes with lots of dark colours, such as browns, blacks, even navy blues. Try yellow to give your home an adventurous new look.

The choice is yours!

Design experts can recommend which colours will look best given the existing profile of your home, but ultimately it is your decision. To view our wide array of inspirational entry door upgrades, go to

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