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Avoid drapes and blinds, which can restrict air movement and lead to condensation.

What is the cause of Condensation on new windows?

Replacing older windows is one of the most practical ways to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. One issue that you may face following a window renovation or a new build is condensation appearing on the glass. Not to worry, moisture is not uncommon on new windows and in most cases it is a short-term issue. Here are the main causes of (and solutions to) window condensation.


If you install new windows in an older home, it tends to have the effect of sealing the exterior envelope. Where older windows often leak, which lets the home breathe, newer windows are designed to be airtight. During the winter, warm moist air has nowhere to go and appears as condensation on cold-surfaces – quite often on windows. If after replacing your home’s windows and entry doors, the condensation persists, it is advisable to determine how to best reduce humidity levels, and/or increase air circulation within your home.

New Build

New construction materials, such as wood, drywall, cement, and paint contain quite a bit of moisture. It may take a new home an extended period of time for the excess moisture to dissipate. Condensation appearing on glass occasionally happens in new builds, and is nothing to panic about.

Around-the-house tips:

  • Drapes and blinds prevent air movement on glass, which may lead to condensation. Keep drapes and blinds open as much as possible.
  • Run exhaust fans in areas of the house such as the bathroom when showering, or the kitchen when cooking, to reduce excess humidity.
  • Ceiling fans run at low speed increase air movement which can help reduce condensation issues.
  • Explore the option of upgrading to a new central cooling/heating system designed for airtight homes.

Condensation on new windows or in a new home is most often a humidity issue within the home. For more information on window condensation, check out the JELD-WEN blog.

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