Suppose you’ve decided on hung windows for your renovation. These windows are a traditional style, reminiscent of simpler times when pies cooled on windows sills and clothes hung on the line. This traditional window style has recently seen a surge in popularity, as buyers are looking to retrofit character homes. So what exactly is the difference between Single-Hung and Double-Hung? Aesthetically, they are nearly identical., there are some functional differences that are worth noting. Here are some key factors to consider:


Single-Hung windows tend to cost less. However, Double-Hung come with additional features that may be worth paying for, depending on what you require.


Single-Hung windows feature one slidable sash. You can open and close the bottom sash, where the top sash remains stationary. Double-Hung windows feature sliding bottom and top sashes. Depending on where your window is located, it can be difficult to clean the exterior glass of a single-hung window. Where cleaning and maintenance are concerned, Double-Hung windows have some distinct advantages.


Because they have two sliding sashes, instead of one, Double-Hung windows are the superior choice for increased airflow and ventilation. Position the two sashes how you wish to customize your airflow. To summarize, Single-Hung windows have one sliding bottom sash, where Double-Hung have sliding bottom and top sashes. Double-Hung are potentially easier to clean and maintain and are the superior choice for ventilation. However, Single-Hung windows may save you a few bucks. As with all things JELD-WEN, the choice is yours.

Regional Availability:

Double-Hung vinyl windows are currently only available in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, as part of the DF vinyl collection. Single-hung vinyl windows are available Canada-wide. Siteline® double-hung wood windows are available in all regions.

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