Image of a white panel door opening to a kitchen
All panel

Today we are talking interior doors. These are the doors that separate the different rooms and areas within your home. We don’t think about them too often, but they play an integral role in privacy, sound control and maintaining a comfortable room temperature.

When choosing interior doors for you home, there are many options to choose from. For example, interior doors come ready to paint or stain. You can choose just about any colour to match your décor or make a bold statement. There are also a number of styles and configurations to choose from. Here are two popular styles, commonly found in the home.

All Panel

All panel interior doors are available in wood or wood composites. They provide ultimate privacy and can include solid cores for sound control. This is your standard, solid interior door, without a glass insert. This style of door is available across a number of interior door lines, each offering additional style and design options.


Bifold is similar to all panel, except for the fact that it has an additional fold in the centre. These doors are popular in closets, as they slide open and closed easily for convenience. They also work well for bathrooms, walk-in-pantries or any room where a swinging panel door creates a space concern.

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Image of a bifold door opening to a laundry area.

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