A quizzical looking man and woman with the caption, "What's your window personality?" and a clickable button that takes you to the quiz.When selecting windows for your home, there are many questions to ask. Should you get wood or vinyl, fixed or operational; which style best suits the architectural profile of your home? Perhaps you want windows that express your personal style, or what we like to call, your window personality.

What’s my window personality?

We all have colours, textures and shapes that we prefer over others. You might even say these are what inspire us when making decisions about the way we dress, the vehicles we drive, or the way we decorate our home. We tend to refer to this as our sense of style, or our personality. Your “window personality” is a culmination of the design traits you are attracted to in windows. Some prefer the classic character of woodgrain, others prefer the clean look of vinyl. Neither is right—the correct choice is the one that fits your window personality.

Take the Quiz

We believe so strongly that choosing windows is a personal decision, that we have created our very own “What’s your window personality” quiz. You can access it on the My JW App.

What are you waiting for, go find out if you are “edgy and elegant,” a “low-maintenance minimalist,” or “comfy casual” at www.myjwapp.ca.

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