Many reno-enthusiasts are asking the same question, “how do I replace the windows in my character home without losing the vintage charm given by the original wood windows?” The solution: AuraLast® wood.

JELD-WEN AuraLast pine wood undergoes a water-based, vacuum-pressured treatment process, designed to be more effective and environmentally friendly than traditional dip-treating processes. Where dip-treatment tends to only coat the outermost layer of the wood, our process penetrates directly to the core, so 100% of the wood is protected. So you can forget about water saturation and wood rot.

What else, AuraLast wood is REAL wood. Our Siteline and Custom wood collections offer a variety of authentic wood windows that are ideal for renovation and retrofitting projects. These windows also come with a variety of colour and design features, so you can match the exact architectural profile of your home.

With AuraLast, you get the look you want, while enjoying the technology and performance provided by modern-day windows. So you can be comfortable in your home, take pride in how it looks, and never have to worry about wood rot again.

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