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Thinking about getting new windows? Here are 15 questions to ask yourself about the current windows in your home to help determine if it is time for an upgrade:

  1. Comfort – Is my living space comfortable during hot summer days and cold winter nights?
  2. Energy Costs – Are my windows energy efficient? Will new windows lower my heating and cooling costs
  3. Glazing – Are my windows single pane, dualpane or tripane?
  4. Low-E Glass – Do my current windows and doors have Low-E (a microscopic coating that filters out harmful UV rays and increases thermal performance)?
  5. Fading – Are my interior furnishings fading as a result of sunlight coming through my windows?
  6. Drafts – When I am close to my windows do I feel cold drafts of air?
  7. Conditions – Are the components of my windows damaged, rotting or missing?
  8. Age – How old are the windows in my home?
  9. Condensation – At any point in the day, does condensation appear around the edges of the glass?
  10. Noise – Can I hear my neighbour’s stereo, cars driving by, or other sounds that are better left outside?
  11. Leaks – Can I feel any leaks around my windows? Is there evidence of water infiltration?
  12. Security – Do my windows close and lock tightly? Are the window frames sturdy enough to resist substantial force? Do I need opaque glass for privacy?
  13. Operation – Do all of my windows open and close smoothly?
  14. Appearance – I am content with the appearance of my windows? Do my windows match the architectural style of my home?
  15. Resale – Do I want to have new energy efficient windows that can increase curb appeal and the resale value of my home?

Have even more questions? Talk to your local JELD-WEN distributor. To find a dealer near you, use our handy dealer locator tool at: https://en.jeldwen.dfmdemos.com/where_to_buy/


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