It’s fun to get scared during the Halloween season, but buying new windows is nothing to be afraid of. Here are 5 common window renovation myths debunked.

“I will have to replace all my windows.” False

 When it comes time to upgrade your windows, there is no obligation to replace all of them at once. With the wide selection of window styles available from JELD-WEN, finding new frames that match the existing architecture of your home, as well as the windows you aren’t ready to replace yet, is easy.

“New windows lack the character of old windows.” False

We offer a vast assortment of wood windows, vintage-style designs and custom wood capabilities. Whether you are looking to retrofit your classic frames, or purchase new, energy efficient windows with classic aesthetic features like simulated divided lites and diverse colour options, JELD-WEN has got you covered.

 “Window renovations can take months and will make a big mess.” False

Most window install professionals can have your windows completely swapped out in a day, unless they need to make structural changes such as widening a window’s opening. This includes cleaning up the mess and removing any unused materials or debris from your property.

 “I can only do window replacements in the summer.” False

If you live in a cold climate, you may think you have to wait until summer to get new windows. This isn’t the case. Window installation professionals have been known to work in weather as cold as -20 C. They will swap out one window at a time in order to minimize heat loss to your home while completing the installation.

“It’s too expensive.” False

Windows are a substantial investment, but there are many cost-saving measures to consider. If you replace older, single-pane windows with new energy efficient windows, you could be looking at as much as an estimated $500 a year in energy savings alone. That’s not even factoring in the value boost it can give your home for the resale market.


Don’t fear the reno. New windows increase the comfort level of your home and can save you big bucks on your energy bills. They also have the ability to re-invent the look of your home so it truly stands out.

For a wide selection of energy efficient window styles and aesthetics, visit jeld-wen.ca

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