Living room dualpane windows with Low-E glass look out onto a snowy deck
Low-E Tripane windows are ideal for extreme climates.

JELD-WEN offers insulating glass options that respond to various environmental conditions, regardless of your home’s geographic location and architecture. Our insulating glass options are available in Low-E dualpane (two glass panels separated by sealed airspace) and Low-E tripane (three glass panels separated by two sealed airspaces).

Low-E tripane glass is especially appropriate for moderate to extreme climates, since the additional glass and airspace provides improved insulation. Tripane windows with Low-E glass offer a substantial increase in thermal performance as well as comfort. Low-E dualpane also provides significant insulation and energy efficiency for moderate climates. To find out which glass type is right for your home, talk to your local JELD-WEN distributor.

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