One question many people ask when choosing new windows for their home, is whether to get grilles or not. Grilles are the decorative patterns found in windows, particularly in homes with a traditional architectural style.

A strictly aesthetic feature today, grilles were once a functional part of windows. Going back to the days when glass couldn’t be produced in large pieces, the materials used to hold the tiny squares of glass in place gave the appearance of what we think of as grilles today. Over time, this look has become a popular aesthetic in homes.

So, if windows no longer require grilles to remain intact, why do people still use them? It’s the way they look. Certain classic architectural home styles, such as Georgian, Cape Cod, or Colonial, have an appearance that suits window grilles. In fact, we’ve become so accustomed to seeing classic style homes with grilles, they look almost naked without them. That is not to say grilles shouldn’t be used in contemporary looking structures. Homeowners are constantly finding new and innovative ways to explore this traditional design trend.

Unless you are overly concerned with authenticity, you probably aren’t going to want the hassle of true divided lites (TDL) in your remodel home. Today, window companies like JELD-WEN offer a variety of grille options to give you the nostalgic look in a modern, low-maintenance package.

Here are some of the grille options available:

Grilles Between Glass (GBG)

Grilles Between Glass are a non-removable feature installed between the panes of glass, making them an attractive, low-maintenance option. They create the timeless appearance of traditional grilles, while making it easy to clean both interior and exterior glass surfaces.


Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

Simulated Divided Lites are installed directly on the exterior and interior surfaces of the glass (non-removable), boosting your window’s curb appeal while re-creating the traditional appearance of a true divided lite. You can even install an optional shadow bar to complete the authentic look.


Full Surround Grilles (FSG)

Full Surround Grilles are positioned directly on the interior glass surface, giving your windows the true traditional look. These are available on JELD-WEN wood products and can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.


Once you choose your grille type, another option to consider is what kind of pattern would best suit your window. JELD-WEN offers a variety of pattern styles, including Colonial, Prairie, Diamond, Starburst and Transom. You can also create your own custom pattern, which means the possibilities are limitless. Visit JELD-WEN Canada.



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