There are many reasons to consider upgrading the windows in your home. New, energy efficient windows can reduce your heating and cooling bill and give your home a facelift. Another reason for switching out your windows that some homeowners may not have considered, is that new windows can actually make your home more comfortable. Here are three ways that new windows can enhance the comfort level of your home.

Shoot the Breeze

Fresh air is an excellent source of comfort and revitalization within the home, especially when you catch a cool breeze on a hot day, or a nice warm draft during the autumn months. But what happens when your older windows just don’t perform like they used to? You shouldn’t have to work up a sweat prying open a stubborn sash or wrestling with a rusty crank. These sort of operational issues, common with older windows, can really curb the comfort vibe. Your new windows will work like a charm, giving you flexibility and control over your home ventilation.

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Deal with Drafts

A cold draft in the home can cause significant discomfort, especially during winter months. If you are running your heating, or cooling, on full-tilt, and not getting the results you want, chances are your windows are suffering from drafts. Drafts are especially common in older windows. New windows are engineered to keep inside-air in and outside-air out. This means it is much easier to control the temperature level in each room. See this helpful article on detecting and dealing with drafts.

Draft-free windows also allow you to make the most of your living space. Instead of having to position couches and chairs away from cool or hot spots caused by drafty windows, you can be confident in consistent room temperature in every square foot of your living space. This gives you more square-footage to work with when configuring your interior.

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Comfort Engineer

Comfort Engineering refers to choosing the correct glass type for each window in your home to regulate room temperature and maximize comfort. For example, if you have a large south-facing window in a room where you want less heat, you can choose a glass coating, like Low-E 272, that shields your window from UV rays, causing less heat gain. This is a luxury you often don’t have with older windows, simply because new windows give you access to the latest technology. Learn more about comfort engineering.

Feel Good about your new Windows

New windows can enhance the appearance and market value of your home, reduce your energy bill, and improve the comfort level of your home in a number of ways. Need more reasons?

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