Large south-facing windows with tripane glass help cool or heat your home efficiently.
JELD-WEN tripane windows are among the highly energy-efficient products offered.

A net-zero home is a home that gives as much energy as it receives, recycling natural energy for consumption. This innovative new way of home building has been around for less than ten years but has recently been generating buzz. Thanks to Natural Resources Canada’s current program, 5 selected builders have been enabled to construct five net-zero homes each, demonstrating the feasibility of building net-zero housing communities in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Alberta. It is said that by the year 2030, every new home built in Canada will be a net-zero, energy-efficient home. There are three key factors that make up a successful net-zero home:

Energy Conservation
From extra-insulated walls, to JELD-WEN Tripane windows, a net-zero home is much more airtight than most Canadian homes.

Passive Solar Energy
This is where Comfort Engineering comes into play. Build your home south-facing, and install high-performance windows in conjunction with overhangs that will help keep the hot summer sun to a minimum while letting warm winter sun in.

Energy Production
Solar photovoltaic panels are gaining popularity now that they are not as expensive as they once were. These are among the best ways to produce the energy you consume.

This is just a glimpse into the phenomenon of net-zero, energy-efficient home building. Stay tuned for more tips and useful information about how you can use JELD-WEN’s energy-efficient products to build your net-zero home. For a wide variety of energy-efficient JELD-WEN products, go to
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