A white vinyl awning window.
Awning windows allow for air movement, even when it’s raining.

If you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade the windows in your home, or you’re looking to choose windows for your new building project, the number of options can be overwhelming. There are many elements to consider, such as style, function, comfort, energy efficiency and architectural profile. So how do you choose the right window for your home?

JELD-WEN offers a variety of window styles: casement, awning, single-hung, double-hung, slider and radius, to name a few. Check out other JELD-WEN blog posts for a detailed look at various window styles. When choosing a style, there is more to consider than appearance alone. Consider the functional qualities of each window style. Do you want a window that slides horizontally, or vertically? How much control do you need over ventilation? Can the window open outward, like a door, or does it need to remain flush with the wall? These are all good questions to ask when deciding what window style is best for you.

A combination of picture and casement style wood windows.
Casement windows are hinged on the side and swing outwards like a door. These popular, easy-to-operate windows offer
the tightest seal of all operating window units.

You’ll also want to consider the nature of the project. If you are renovating an existing window opening, it may make sense to replace your old window with a new model in a similar style. It can be costly to make drastic adjustments to a window opening simply to accommodate a new design. However, if you are building a new home, you may have more flexibility in window style choices. Your contractor should be able to offer sage advice about which options are most feasible.

Another important element to consider is the architectural profile of your home. Assessing whether you have a Craftsman or Colonial, a Mid-Century Modern or Mediterranean, or a Prairie or French-Provincial style home is a key step in determining which window style will blend well with the existing architecture. Check out this gallery of home styles from DIY Network to get you started. See if you can you find your home’s style in the gallery.

What we’ve covered here is just the tip of the iceberg. Finding the right window can take a lot of research, planning and discussion with experts, whether it’s your architect, contractor or a window specialist. Sometimes there isn’t a definitive right answer, and it just comes down to personal preference.

To take a fun quiz in which you can find out “your window personality,” head to www.myjwapp.ca. The MyJW app also offers helpful project planning tools, including a photo gallery, project management tool and a dealer locator. If you are ready to build, renovate, or just want to start exploring your options, this is an excellent place to start.

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