You’ve replaced your door to save energy costs, increase security and match the style of your home. So what do you do with your old one? Vintage character doors are the perfect restoration project that can transform into practical or decorative pieces for your home. We’ve compiled a list of four old-door projects that may end up saving you hundreds of dollars on new furniture, and we’ve categorized each by skill level or experience needed.

The Headboard – (Intermediate)

Old doors are often made with solid woods like oak or chestnut and are typically designed symmetrically. Their strength as statement pieces makes them the perfect D-I-Y headboard project. With some sanding, painting or staining, you can transform your old door to fit your distinct bedroom style. Go for the traditional look with solid and stained wood, paint it blue or white to match the curtains, or sand away for a rustic design. If you’re extra handy, you can also add shelves, lights or other design elements making it the perfect all-purpose project.

A bed with a headboard made from an old door.
Convert an old door into a stylish headboard.

Breakfast Bar – (Advanced)

Kitchen renovations are expensive. Alleviate costs by using your recycled door to build a solid breakfast bar or island. It’s the best way to bring character into a modern or contemporary design, while still maintaining the “tied-together” look.

Organization Board – (Beginner)

Keeping your life and family organized and on-schedule takes immense planning and structure. Whether you use calendars, day planners, or email reminders—you can always add more. If you have an old door, transform
the indents into corkboards or chalkboards and hang it above a desk or on a blank wall. The symmetrical spaces can symbolize different children, projects, or days of the week.

Book Case – (Intermediate/Advanced)

You can never have too much storage—especially for books! Transform a vintage door into a functional bookcase for your office, rec room or children’s play area.

– Cut out the panels
– Sand, stain or paint
– Buy wood boards and cut them depending on the distance you’d like to angle your door at.
– Use screws and glue to fasten the vintage door.
– Enjoy.

A vintage living room with a bookshelf made from an old door.
Use an old door to create a rustic bookshelf.

We’ve compiled a series of images and ideas for repurposing old doors on our Pinterest page: restore-your-old-door. Take a look and please tag us on any creative projects you’ve dreamed of or completed using recycled doors.

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