Looking for extra storage space or a way to brighten up small spaces? Take time to evaluate how you use the windowsills in your home. Sometimes all it takes is a decorative ornament or triad of flowers to change the look and feel of your home. We’ve gathered four ways to maximize your windowsill space. Have more suggestions? Comment below or tag us on Pinterest!

Modern taste
Fan of minimalist décor, but feel like something is missing? Fill windowsills with a row of identical plants for a clean and simple look. Plants bring life into your home and, in most cases, are relatively low maintenance. Perfect houseplants for the busy homeowner include African Violets, Alocasia, Aloe Vera, Agave, and Aluminum. In a modern setting, plants on the windowsills can also bring some colour to balance minimal tones. Change them up depending on the season or occasion. And hey, no need to use fake plants, JELD-WEN’s Low-E coating blocks almost all UV rays, but allows the necessary spectrum of light required for photosynthesis.

Windowsill will four identical potted plants

Green Thumbs and Small Spaces

Extending a windowsill using wood or shelving can bring life to small spaces. Go for the eclectic look with an array of indoor plants hosted in differently sized and designed pots, or, keep it consistent with the traditional tope ceramic. If you have space to extend a sill in your kitchen, it might be the perfect time to try in-home gardening. Growing your own herbs doesn’t require a lot of space, freshens up lingering cooking odors, and saves you on last minute grocery store runs. Some commonly grown plants include: Basil, Bay, Chervil, Chives, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Tarragon, Sage, and Thyme.

A random assortment of potted plants on windowsill with sun shining upon them.


Finding storage space in bathrooms is difficult. Why not make your windowsill count for something? Decorative or practical, use the surface area to host glass containers of Epsom salts, cotton balls, or scented candles.

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