April is a month of transition and regrowth. As spring showers wash away the last of winter, leaving the soil fertile and the grass sparkling green, you may wish to treat your home to a touch-up or two. Giving your entry door a fresh coat of paint is an easy, low-cost way to reinvent the look of your home and increase curb appeal. Here are 4 colours to consider for your front door.


Red is a bright, boisterous colour with a commanding presence and a knack for catching the eye. There is a reason it is frequently used in street lights, fire hydrants and stop signs. Red also symbolizes love, warmth and welcoming and is an excellent option for making a bold statement with your entry door.



Blue is a cool, calming colour, reminiscent of the ocean and the sky. It is a popular colour choice in the décor of infant’s rooms due to its soothing effect. Choose an azure or aqua blue for an uncommon style, sure to stand out, or a darker navy blue for a classic, tried-and-true look. Either is sure to chase the winter blues away.



Green is one of the most versatile choices for entry doors. A colour of comfort, green has connotations of positivity, safety and all things organic. For a warm, earthen feel, forest green matches well with the browns and woody colours on your home. Or, let your eccentric side shine, and paint your entry door a neon or lime green.



Yellow is a mellow, warm colour. It brings to mind sunshine, lemonade, peace and harmony. This colour can be soft, bright or both, depending on the shade of yellow you select. Combine with blues or purples for a colourful doorway or beiges and browns for a soft, inviting entrance.


Whichever colour you choose, we want to make sure you find an entry door that is the perfect architectural fit for your home. Begin browsing our entry door lines at https://en.jeldwen.dfmdemos.com/exterior_doors

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