Woman washes her windows outside on a sunny day.
Wash your windows so they can sparkle in the spring sun.

We are in for an early spring. That is, if we can trust the folklore surrounding a certain groundhog. Either way, it is never too early to start thinking about spring cleaning. Here are 7 tips to make your home look its best once winter wanes.

1. Cold winds and snowfall can take a toll on anything that grows out of the ground. Use a hand pruner to remove dead twigs and branches from trees and shrubs so they can grow healthy and full again in time for summer.

2. The first day of winter can come as a surprise, but what it leaves behind once the snow melts can be even more shocking. Scour your yard for broken sticks, refuse or dead leaves, as well as grime and residue left behind on gates, fences and siding due to melting.

3. There are few things as magnificent as the sparkle of spring sunlight on shiny glass. Wash your windows and scrub your sills and frames so when the sun shines they will look their best. For some useful tips on window washing, check out our JELD-WEN Video Hub. As well, ask your local JELD-WEN dealer about our self-cleaning Neat Glass.

4. Has the hardships of winter left your home’s exterior looking a little worse for wear? Hose off your siding and stucco and give your driveway a good blast of water. If using a pressure washer, be careful not to point it at windows or doors as it could cause seal failure or other undesirable results.

5. Want your home to be a real eye-catcher? Giving your entry door a fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to increase curb appeal and make your home stand out. If you are feeling funky, try neon green or a vibrant red. Colourful front doors are all the rage right now.

Tip: Don’t forget to wax your door each spring. Not only will your door shine, but this will protect it from the elements as well.

6. You don’t necessarily need to wait for April showers to start thinking about spring flowers. Give your garden a makeover by raking, weeding and applying fresh seeds. Use a spade to cut a clean edge around the area and apply fresh soil where required. With a little water and sunshine, your garden can be the envy of your neighbors.

7. Spring is prime time for exterior home renos because you can have all summer to enjoy them. Installing new windows or a bold entry door is one of the most effective ways to reinvent the look of your home. Add features like sidelites, transoms, grilles, brickmould and more, to match the authentic architectural profile of your home.

For more information of JELD-WEN’s lineup of windows and entry doors and accessories go to www.jeld-wen.ca

A couple sits in there backyard admiring their new spring outdoor renos to their home.
Renovate in spring so you can enjoy your home all summer.

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