Your entry door can be the focal point of your home’s façade and increase curb appeal. By making careful decisions about the material, style, configuration and glass options for your entry door system, you can add a feature to your home that is personalized and distinct. Here are some tips to consider:

1. Material

Whether you crave the classic look of wood or the sturdiness of steel, the material you choose for your entry door will affect the overall aesthetic of your entry door system. We offer entry doors in custom wood and fibreglass, premium fibreglass, and steel, each with its own strengths and personality. There are many design options available for each material allowing you to create a memorable first impression.

First choose your door material – wood, fiberglass or steel.

2. Style

There are several components to consider when choosing the style of your entry door. Are you looking for a solid panel door, or a door with a glass insert? There are many door styles to choose from, and with each, an assortment of cut-out options. Do you want a 2-panel or 3-panel door, a sunburst or segmental cutout? With JELD-WEN, you don’t have to settle—we give you options to design an entry door you can call your own.

A maroon 2 panel fibreglass entry door and a green 3 panel fibreglass entry door.
Next select your door style.

3. Configuration

Door configuration might be the most crucial step in defining the look of your door. Whether you need a double door for increased accessibility, or an out-swing door to create space, JELD-WEN gives you the options for the function you require. For more natural light, surround your entranceway with decorative sidelites and transoms. Let us help you choose from a wide variety of entry door configurations to satisfy your style.

Outswinging entry doors leading on to a patio.
There are many entry door configurations to choose from.

4. Glass Options

Once you have chosen your material, configuration and cutout, entry door customization doesn’t stop there. Choose from more than 40 decorative glass insert styles, including Contemporary, Craftsman, Classic and Old World, and add a hint of distinction and personality to your entry door’s cut-out, sidelites and transom. Each decorative glass option comes with its own style, personality and privacy rating, so you can put a finishing touch on your entry door that is to your exact preference.

A craftsman glass style insert for entry doors.
Choose from a decorative insert that suits your style.

Interested in creating your own memorable entry door? Begin customizing yours today at

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