Image of a well-decorated home exterior with a red front door, a wreath and a snowman in the yard.
Holiday decorations can help boost curb appeal during winter months.

Curb appeal refers to the perceived value of your home in terms of how it appears from the outside. In winter weather, it can be a little tricky to keep your home looking its best. Here are 3 tips for maintaining curb appeal during the winter:

1. Illuminate your Home 

During peak winter months, it can sometimes feel like there is barely any daylight at all. You can take advantage of seasonal darkness by illuminating your home with lights. Place them around windows, doors, awnings, in the bushes, even along your driveway. A tasteful arrangement of decorative lights is sure to help your home shine.

2. Keep the walkway shoveled 

When the snow starts to pile up, the outdoors can feel like anything but a winter wonderland. Keeping your driveway and walkway freshly shoveled is key to maintaining curb appeal. One tip is to make sure to shovel while the snow is fresh. If you let it pile up, the snow can become hard packed, making it difficult to remove. Shoveling snow is also a great source of exercise and can be relaxing.

3. Decorate 

The right assortment of ornaments can really make your home stand out. A festive wreath or a brightly coloured door are popular favourites. Make sure to consider your home’s architectural style when using holiday lights. Decorations should support your home’s natural style, not clash with it. Don’t forget about your front yard. A well-crafted snowman can be quite eye-catching.

Taking some time to keep your home looking sharp during the winter season can go a long way in terms of curb appeal. Remember to bundle up, and be safe. Happy Holidays!

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