Image of new side-by-side vinyl windows, including a transom with 2 grilles and 3 panes, facing onto a verandah.
Your window dealer can help you find the right options for you home.

So you’ve decided to upgrade one or more windows in your home. The process can be a bit overwhelming, with all the various brands, retailers and contractors available. Here is a simple, three-step approach that makes window shopping easy.

1. Find a dealer 

There are many window retailers out there, both in-store and online. Feel free to use our handy JELD-WEN dealer locator tool to find the window dealer closest to your home.

2. Get a consultation 

Once you have located your local window dealer, pay them a visit and ask about getting a free in-home estimate. Most JELD-WEN dealers will be happy to walk you through the window buying process every step of the way. This allows them to suggest the right product for the lowest price.

3. Consider professional installation 

JELD-WEN always recommends hiring a professional to have new windows installed. In order to get the best performance and lasting value from new windows, they need to be installed correctly. So you will want to make sure the contractor doing the installation is qualified and experienced.

Once you choose the right windows and best installation option, you are ready to go ahead with your renovation project.

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